A Christmas Wedding: Our Favorite Wedding Favors, Decorations, and More

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Merry Christmas, brides! We’re so excited about the holiday season and we hope you've enjoyed our 12 Days of Christmas on Instagram! Although this is a busy day, we want to celebrate with you by bringing you a little holiday cheer. The month of December brings gifts, time with family, engagements, weddings and more. So today we have a little bit of holiday inspiration for you! Christmas weddings are truly magical and the decorating is a breeze because there’s so much to decorate with when you have Christmas trees, garlands, tinsel, twinkling lights, and more. And winter weddings are the perfect excuse to cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa! Keep scrolling for more winter and Christmas themed wedding details!


A Hot Cocoa Bar


                               Wedding Hot Cocoa Bar

                               Photo by Deer Pearl Flowers

This is absolutely perfect for any bride and groom that are avid marshmallow fans or just want to have something fun and different at their wedding. This idea is unique because you won’t see this at a wedding during any other time of the year and it’s a great way to make your guests feel extra cozy. Who doesn’t love hot chocolate topped with slowly melting, puffy white marshmallows?


Hot Chocolate Mix Wedding Favors


                               Hot Chocolate Wedding Favor

                               Photo by Etsy 

No room for a hot chocolate bar? No problem! Give your guests something to take to go that they can enjoy in the comfort of their own home, snuggled up in warm blankets by the crackling fireplace. This mix is packaged perfectly and it looks so cute! You can DIY these or buy them on Etsy here! Either way, this option is great because it isn’t too expensive, its’ cute, and everyone can enjoy it.


Photo Booth Props


                              Wedding Christmas Photo Booth props

                             Photo by Craft Hubs

Looking for something fun to have at your wedding? Try out a photo booth! Guests love getting some fun pictures taken with friends in honor of your big day and the best part is, they can take the photos home with them! Give them some fun props to use for the photos and it’ll be even more fun and festive too!


DIY Snow Globe


                              DIY Snow Globe Wedding Favors

                               Photo by Evermine

Okay, have you ever seen a wedding favor as cute as this? I’m in love with this idea. Stock up on some small jars and glitter and you’re already half way there! These snow globes look so fun to make and it’ll put the biggest smile on your guests’ face! It’s perfect for a wintery Christmas wedding because it’s so festive. We may not have snow on the ground this Christmas, but we can certainly have it in a snow globe!


Pine Cone Decorations


                              Winter Wedding Decorations

                               Photo by Laura Ashley

Pine Cones are a perfect wedding decoration. Pine cones always remind me of how beautiful evergreen trees looked when they’re laced with a layer of freshly fallen snow on the tops of their green branches. Bring that element of winter to your wedding with some decked out pine cones! They Make for perfect decorations! You can jazz up these simple cones with some glitter too! This idea is also virtually free if you have evergreen trees in your backyard! You can put these pine cone decorations anywhere. Tie them to a chair or put them in your centerpieces! Add a sprig of pine needles from the branches and you’ve got something wintery and beautiful!


Christmas Boutonnieres


                              Christmas Wedding Boutonnieres

                              Photo by Etsy

Keep up the Christmas trend and ask your florist to design a boutonniere that is inspired by the holidays! Just think of how handsome your groom and his groomsmen will look with something festive pinned to their jackets! It’ll look great in photos and pair perfectly with the other Christmas decorations. Add some greenery and something red like berries and it is going to look perfect!


Holiday Wedding Invitations


                                Holiday Wedding Invitations

                                Photo by Wedding Forward

Why stop at decorations? Include some Christmas spirit in your save the dates and invitations! You can get beautifully crafted invitations from Etsy and most designers will customize just about anything you want, even down to the shades of red or green that you want to use. Your invitations are the first impression that your guests will have of your wedding, so make it a good one! You’ll want your invites to match the theme of your wedding so if you want the Christmas theme, festive invitations are most definitely the way to go, brides.


Happy Holiday, Brides! Thanks for joining us and we really hope you enjoyed some of these ideas for Christmas weddings. Our goal is to always keep you inspired! Check back soon for more helpful posts and wedding ideas! Enjoy your time with loved ones! May your honey ham be delicious, your stomachs full, and your hearts happy! Merry Christmas to all!



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A Christmas Wedding: Our Favorite Wedding Favors, Decorations, and More
12/25/2016 12:00:00 AM