Bridal Spotlight: Wedding Hair Inspiration

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Wedding Hair

For me, the second most important element of a bride's wedding day look, after the dress, of course, is hair. You’ll want to choose a style that not also makes you feel beautiful, but also compliments any type of head accessories you may be wearing, like a flower crown, hair comb or veil. Below are my hairstyle picks for 2017 brides!

braided hairstyles

Braid accent
I'm a huge braid lover and I’m obsessed with how they can make the simplest hairstyle look incredibly intricate! I've seen a lot of braided crown looks in wedding photos over the past few years, and I think they’re so effortless and chic.

veiled hairstyles

Though I'm choosing not to wear a veil for our wedding, veils allow for so much creativity in your look. They can be complimentary to hair that's up or down, and wearing one is also a great way to incorporate “something borrowed.”

Low Undo photos

Low up-do
These are some of my favorite looks. A simple low up-do really puts the focus on your face and your unconcealed dress. Soft curls with loose pieces hanging down give such a romantic feel, plus it can really show off a beautiful neckline or back detail.

hair comb style

Hair comb
These are always so gorgeous! I love the look of hair combs with low up-dos and half-up-half-down styles. This really puts the focus on the comb, allowing you to easily make it such a statement piece. I love gold ones with stone detailing.

half up hairstyle

Half-up, half-down
This style is so great because you get the best of both worlds with half of your hair up and off your face, and the rest flowing down onto your dress. This will keep your hair out of the way for pictures, while still proving gorgeous back shots of your long locks.

flower crown

Flower crown
If you've been keeping up with my wedding planning journey, you already know that I'll be sporting one of these on my wedding day. Flower crowns add such a natural, earthy vibe to your bridal look, which is exactly what I'm going for. I think flower crowns are well complimented with low up-dos, half-up styles and completely down looks.

What are your favorite wedding hairstyles? I can’t believe I’m at the four-month countdown to my wedding now! Head over to my blog to catch up with me on what I’ve been doing lately (I starting vlogging a few weeks ago!) and I’ll see you guys here again in a week or two.

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Bridal Spotlight: Wedding Hair Inspiration
2/20/2017 12:00:00 AM