Five Fabulous Things To Do With Your Dress AFTER Your Wedding


Some people hold onto their wedding dress for sentimental value.  Some have just spent a year saving every extra penny for the big day and need some monetary return. And others hold onto the memories of their wedding, but don't have the physical space to hold onto much else!  No matter what type of Indy Bride you are,  after the honeymoon phase rounds out to  your everyday life together, there are several practical and unique things to with your wedding gown, post-celebration!  

For the Budget-Savvy Indy Bride:  #1  Bridal Gown Re-selling in Indianapolis

Reselling your dress may be  a necessary evil for the budget-savvy bride.  If you have the time - and the patience - listing your dress on sites like Brave Bride ( can give you the most bang for your buck.  (Up to $30.00 for a premium listing that runs for 18 months!) 

Virtually every side of town in Indianapolis has a consignment store.   We suggest shopping the market to find one that both specializes in wedding apparel (ensuring you get enough target traffic to sell before the dress is out-of-date), and has the lowest resell commission fee (ensuring you get the money you're wanting out of the dress).

For the Va-va-voom Indy Bride:  #2  One-Year Anniversary Present -  Boudoir Photos With Your Dress!

Check out these lovely boudoir photos by Indy's own, 
Sarah Wiley of Sarah Wiley Photography.

Nothing says “I still love you like the day we were married” like popping a bottle of champagne, indulging on your wedding cake, and presenting a gift that lets him see you ( and your wedding dress),  in a whole new light!  That's right ladies, some of you have thought about it to which we say, "Cast aside your insecurities and DO IT! "  Indianapolis houses some truly talented  photographers who specialize in boudoir photography.  They have the experience, lighting, and equipment  to capture you in a manner that showcases your assets in a sexy, sophisticated, and classy way that will make you both LOVE the end-product! 


For the Rebel/Rockstar Indy Bride:  #3  Trash-the-Dress Photos

Let's face it, wedding planning is stressful!  There is something that just feels liberating about a "take two" wedding photo session with your husband; freeing yourself of all that planning with a couple of bottles of spray paint and your dress!   Or rebellious....washing away your worries in a local creek or pond - clothed in something you once guarded so vehemently.  (The"trashing" possibilities are endless!)   The end product of trash-the-dress portfolio is truly symbolic  of  a celebration of the past -  and the beginning of a new chapter in a couple's lives.    




For the "Pay-it-Forward"  Indy Bride:  #4  Wish Upon A Wedding Indianapolis  

With all of the warmth, love, and memories your  wedding brought you - that dress packs some serious Karmic energy!  The "Pay-it-Forward" Indy Bride wants nothing more than to see someone else (who might not be able to afford it otherwise), experience the same magic they did on their own big day.  For those of you who are selling your dress,  may we suggest a perfectly-suited match for your sale

proceeds:  Wish Upon A Wedding, Indianapolis Chapter.

Wish Upon A Wedding  is a 501(C) organization that  provides free-of-charge weddings to couples  facing serious life-altering circumstances or terminal illness.  From the venue to the cake, and most everything between, they take care of all the wedding planning and details for qualified couples.

We encourage you to connect with the Indianapolis Chapter's Facebook Page and witness the impact your donation can have right here in our own city.  




For the Sentimental  Indy Bride:  #5  Have an Heirloom Replica Made of Your Dress

You loved it.  It made you feel beautiful.  But for reasons that are yours and yours alone, you aren't holding onto it.  If you fit the mold, you may want to consider having a miniature replica made to serve as a commemorative symbol of your dress, just as it looked on your big day, before you commence in selling, donating, or trashing it.  (Not to mention they're an awesome addition to the "shrine" most set up in their homes to display  photos, guest books, and flowers from their wedding day.)

While very few people in the U.S. can recreate dress replicas in great detail with realistic scaling; Indianapolis houses one of the best:  Peggy Latta at Heirloom Textile Art.  Not only does Peggy create  miniature dress  replicas, she can also spin it into ornaments, quilts, or other beautiful pieces to honor the memory of your special garment.





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Five Fabulous Things To Do With Your Dress AFTER Your Wedding
3/26/2013 12:00:00 AM