IndyBride2B’s Bridal Hair Glossary

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IndyBride2B’s Bridal Hair Glossary


Your hairstyle is what completes the look on your wedding day. When you have all of your makeup done up nicely, you’ll want your hair to look just as beautiful. Sometimes it’s hard to pick a hairstyle that you want to wear on your wedding day. So today, we’ve created a glossary of some of the most popular hairstyles for you to look at. This glossary can inspire you and help you plan out what exactly you want your hair to look like on your big day. If you find a hairstyle in this post that you love, you can even show the picture to your hairstylist so that he or she can replicate the look in a trial run. It’s essential to start thinking about what kind of hairstyle you want as soon as you can. Hairstyles can even reflect the theme of your wedding. For example, if you have a bohemian themed wedding, a hairstyle with tousled waves and braids would be perfect, especially with a flower crown. If your wedding is going to be sparkly and glamorous, some voluminous and romantic curls or a fancy updo accented with a bejeweled hairpin would look perfect! There are all kinds of looks to choose from, but all it takes is one that catches your eye!


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Richard Ward, Kate Middleton’s hair stylist, says, “Very often brides make the mistake of deviating too far away from their normal look; for instance, somebody who wears their hair loose and casual going for an intricate up-do. I would always advise that you don’t go for anything too removed from your usual look. A good stylist will also take your bridal gown, jewelry, and total look into account.” When you choose your hairstyle, you’ll obviously want something beautiful, but you’ll also want to wear your hair in a way that reflects you and your style. Don’t try to be somebody you’re not and do what makes you feel beautiful.

Here's what we've got in store for you:


Braided Updo's

Half Up

Down Hairstyles

Our top picks for short hair

Our top picks for long hair



Updos are classy and feminine. They’re the perfect hairstyle for a bride that wants to show off the pretty detailing on the back of her dress. By pulling up your hair, you can show off your dress from the front and back and it looks beautiful. Pull it up in a messy twist, add some sparkle or some florals, and you’re set! 

Best for: Long hair, but can also be done for short hair to create a more piece-y and undone look.

Accessorize with: small flowers or crowns made out of small flowers, dainty and bejeweled hair clips, pins or barrettes.

                 bridal hairstyles bridal updo bridal updo

                 Photo by Mod Wedding                              Photo by Weddings Online                      Photo by Elegant Wedding Invites

These updos pair perfectly with a beautiful, lacy open back. Don't be afraid show off some skin and embrace your beauty! Now is your time to shine!

bridal updo bridal updo bridal hairstyles bridal hair

Photo by Hochzeits Guide                Photo by Better Half Weddings        Photo by Deer Pearl Flowers          Photo by The Right Hairstyles


Braided Updos


Here we have updo’s with a chic, modern twist. These updos are the classic chignon, but with an added flare. That added flare comes from the braids. There are all kinds of braids that you can incorporate into your updo or any bridal hairstyle for that matter. Incorporating braids into your hairstyle can add texture and uniqueness to your hairstyle. You can add dainty braids throughout small sections of your updo or even craft a hairline braid. Either way, your updo is sure to be a hairstyle to remember.

Best for: Long hair because there is more length to work with, so it's easier to braid

Accessorize with: Hairpins, a single flower, such as a rose

             braided undo braided updo

              Photo by Deer Pearl Flowers                                                        Photo by Wedding Forward

               bridal hairstyle bridal hairstyle bridal hairstyle bridal hairstyle

              Photo by Hi Miss Puff                      Photo by Mod Wedding                    Photo by Mod Wedding      Photo by Hi Miss Puff


Half up wedding hairstyles

Half up wedding hairstyles are sophisticated and beautiful. They can be fancy or casual. There are so many ways that you can use this hairstyle. You can use a braid to complete the look, construct a bow, or simply pin it back. Check out how some of these brides styled their hair with this romantic look.

Best for: Any length of hair except for pixie cuts. As long as you have some hair that you can pull back into a braid or elastic, then you can pull off this style

Accessorize with: braids, small flowers, a sparkly clip to fasten around the hair that is pulled back

                 bridal hairstyle bridal hairstyles

                 Photo by Trend 2 Wear                                                             Photo by Indulgy

wedding hairstyles bridal hairstyles bridal hairstyles bridal hairstyles

Photo by Cute Wedding Ideas                  Photo by Cute Wedding Ideas   Photo by Crazy For Us                    Photo by Deer Pearl Flowers

All Down

If you feel best and most confident with your lovely locks completely down, loose and wavy, then check out these hairstyles! Who says you have to do complicated up do’s to make a bridal look complete? Loose waves and cascading curls can be just as beautiful and romantic on your wedding day. Pair it with a flower crown or a beaded headband for a little extra pizzazz and you’ll look stunning. Or leave it down and let your natural texture shine through for beautiful, breezy waves that look effortless and beautiful.

Best for: All hair lengths and types

Accessorize with: headbands, hair clips, and flower crowns

       bridal hairstyles bridal hairstyles

        Photo by Bajan Wedding                                                                                Photo by Erin and Dray Photo


Our top two picks for long hair: 

      bridal hairstyles Hairstyles

      Photo by Luxy Hair                                                                                  Photo by Wedding Forward


We hope this glossary of wedding hairstyles has inspired you to choose a beautiful look for your wedding day that will compliment your dress. There are so many beautiful styles that you can try, so we understand if it's hard to narrow it down to one! What wedding hairstyle did you choose?


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IndyBride2B’s Bridal Hair Glossary
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