A Hot Pink and Hot Rod Wedding
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Angela & Scott

Scott and I first met through Facebook, we had several friends in common and he looked very familiar to me. After we became friends, he started putting his best lines on me. How on earth could I say no?  We were both being let out of work early due to the ice storm of 2011 so we made plans to meet.  We drove around to 3 different places before finding one that was actually open.  We finally landed at BW3’s downtown, we sat and talked and talked and talked….well okay, I talked and talked and talked. After about an hour, BW3’s decided they were also going to close and they told us we needed to leave.  So we decided to plan a real date. 

Fast forward 3 years later, we planned a trip to Florida for Spring Break since it was Scott’s son’s senior year and his other son’s first time to Florida.  It was our last day there and we were spending it on the beach, we were all using nets and sifting through the sand looking for shells and treasures.  Scott handed me a net filled with sand and said, “Here, sift this one!” so I began sifting and dipping it into the water. I started to look in the net and I said, “Oh my gosh Scott, there is something in here!” He said, “What?” and I reached in and pulled out my engagement ring. After that, he asked me to marry him. 

We had originally thought about a May or June 2015 wedding but after talking with Scott’s son’s recruiter for the Marines, we found out that they could not guarantee a date when Devin would be home so we decided to do it before he left.  Instead of having over a year to plan our wedding, I had 6 months!

We were not your typical newly engaged couple.  I was 38, Scott was 40 and neither one of us had ever been married before.  We both knew we wanted our friends and family to be there so eloping was out of the question.  We also have very unique tastes, so just getting married in a church and then having a reception in a standard reception hall didn’t fit our style either.  My uncle had worked at the Stutz building for many years and we had been there a few times in the vintage car room.  He told us that we could get married in the vintage car room so of course Scott was sold.  Don’t get me wrong, I love old classic cars, but I didn’t want it to take away from the wedding.  So we had the venue, but how do you decorate a venue like that?

I started a Pinterest board and found lots of inspiration, almost overwhelming amounts of inspiration on that website.  Scott was playing around on my Pinterest and found a picture of a rod and piston that had flowers adorning it and said he wanted to do that for our centerpieces. I thought he was joking at first.  I told him, “Well if you can get me some rods and pistons, we will do it.” I thought there would be no way for him to come up with that but boy was I wrong.  

I decided that I wanted tall flower centerpieces mixed in with the lower centerpieces. My dad made the holders, I painted them and then Scott painted the bases.  I added gems to the sides of the bases to add some sparkle.  We took 12 inch flower balls and added different adornments to them.  The rods and pistons were donated by a top fuel funny car that Scott has helped with for many years.  We had some additional pistons donated from John Force racing.  I had no idea what to do with them until one night while sitting and staring at it, I started designing flowers with them until I came up with the final product. 

On the head table, we had a mix of tall flower centerpieces along with the piston centerpieces.  My mom came up with the idea of wrapping tiny twinkle lights in sparkly fabric and swagging it across the front of the table.  We used Valve springs as silverware holders.  We also decided to put the cake in the back of an old pick-up truck.  We didn’t realize how truly amazing this would be until we saw it all put together that day.  Guests absolutely loved how unique our wedding was and we had such a fun day!


Wedding Preparation Location: The Alexander Hotel

Venue: Stutz Vintage Car Room

Florist: Oberer’s

Photography: Erin Hession Photography

Dresses: Alfred Angelo

Officiant: Rev.Matthew Skiles

Cake: Vicki Koerner

Hair: Julia Coffman

Rentals: Best Rentals

DJ: Stephen Boles

Food: Your Budget Catering

Dress Belt: Lucy Bridal Boutique

Peyton’s Dog Outfit: Cool Duds for Hot Dogs 

Cake Topper: Wed Set 

Dad’s Handkerchief: Embroidery by Linda 

Cake Knife & Forks: KPG Designs

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