Missy & Eric
I never would've guessed that I would meet my other half, my soul mate, at a beer festival, but there's no one in this world that I would rather spend my life with than him.
missy-eric family friendly, family fun, classic, timeless, children, indianapolis wedding,
Kindra & Taylor
Just three weeks prior to their wedding, Kindra and Taylor found themselves without a venue to house their "perfect day". With swift efficiency, the two set purpose toward planning their wedding...yet, a second time.
Blake & John
Blake and John's wedding all started with the ring. John proposed to Blake with a ring that included gorgeous vintage ruby's that had once belonged to her grandmother and meant the world to Blake. It was the perfect embodiment of vintage, classic, Hollywood glamour that Blake wanted in her wedding day.
blake-john vintage glam, hollywood glamour, hollywood soiree, indianapolis weddings
Angela & Scott
Scott and I first met through Facebook, we had several friends in common and he looked very familiar to me. After we became friends, he started putting his best lines on me. How on earth could I say no?
Angela-Scott hot pink, hot rods, stutz building, downtown indianapolis wedding, indianapolis wedding, alexander hotel,
Stephanie & Nathan
The proposal took place on the campus of Butler University where the bride-to-be went to school. Nathan (the groom-to-be) contacted me with his plans to propose long before he popped the question and so I was able to capture the moment. It was perfect.
Stephanie-Nathan outdoor wedding, brunch wedding, wedding photography, Indianapolis weddings
Amanda & Leslie
Femininity was our theme from the word go. We're both so girly and really wanted our personalities to shine through - we wanted our family and friends to come to our wedding and say "this is so them!"
Amanda-Leslie french victorian tea party, indianapolis weddings, laurel hall, vintage
Stephany & Frank
Frank always tells me he can recall the first day he saw me at Angie's List. A week later, I was officially on the sales floor and I could tell Frank was outgoing and of course very helpful, with me being "the new girl" and all.
Stephany-Frank fall wedding, indianapolis weddings, real indy weddings
Elizabeth & Trevor
As cliché as it sounds, this couple is a match made in heaven. These two met when they were both camp counselors at a shown choir Camp. During camp they fell head over heels for each other and decided they wanted to try the whole long distance thing. After three years of long distance relationship (and lots of gas and Facetime calls later) these two decided to tie the knot.
Tiffany & Doug
Doug proposed to Tiffany during a Christmas trip to Japan. Before they even got on the flight home, they knew exactly that they wanted to get married in Irvington, a close-knit, preserved neighborhood, where Doug grew up.
Maggie & Ben
Almost every detail was DIY from the flowers to the music and decor. Her sister even made the cake. Ben + Maggie are young but head over heels in love. It was a beautiful day and an incredibly sweet story of two people who are so young and in love!
Maggie-Ben real indy wedding, indianapolis weddings, diy wedding, barn wedding, zionsville barn, barn wedding
Kate & John
Kate and I met for the first time between my Junior and Senior year at IU, at a mutual friend’s house in Broad Ripple. I thought she was so beautiful, and I wanted to say something to her, but the only thing that came out was, “I like your shoes,” She said, “thanks”!
Kate-John indianapolis wedding, golf club, classic wedding, speak easy wedding
Laura & Danny
Laura + Danny were married at The Eiteljorg, They had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour with an indoor reception. Kahn's catering provided delicious food while Innocenti Strings serenaded the couple down the aisle and throughout cocktail hour.
Laura-Danny real indy wedding, indianapolis weddings, museum wedding, eiteljorg,
Shelby & Brian
Shelby and Brian wanted a warm, rustic wedding at Brian's parent's home in an intimate retreat. They wanted the sanctity and solemnity of the scenery to capture the mood and essence of the day. Their hideaway in Nashville, Indiana is called Serenity Lake Lodge. Serenity says it all.
Margaret &Anthony
They were classmates in high school but lost touch after graduation. After 24 years, they found each other on Facebook and the rest is history!
Margaret-Anthony Indianapolis wedding, Indianapolis reception, Facebook, Christmas proposal, summer wedding, weddings, wedding trends
Katherine & Alex
Katherine + Alex were married at the Fountain Square Theater. Katherine & Alex chose this venue because they are very accomplished ballroom dancers. Needless to say the first dance was the most amazing one I've ever seen!!
Katherine-Alex fountain square, real indy weddings, indianapolis weddings,
Jennifer & Josh
Farm wedding is all the rage right now. This lovely couple – Jennifer and Josh – take the cake for a spectacular farmhouse wedding. This wedding looks simple, but the details at this wedding where over the top - perfect.

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