Engagement Q&A: Indy Blogger Abby Saylor + Her Fiancé, Justin Armbruster

By Abby Saylor Armbruster

Hey guys! The IndyBride2B team and I thought it would be fun for my fiancé Justin and I to do an engagement Q&A, answering some hard-hitting (okay, maybe not that hard-hitting) questions about what being engaged has been like, what the future holds for us and what we’re looking forward to most.


Justin and I answered these questions completely separately without discussing our answers with each other, so let’s see what we said!

How did you know it was the right time to get engaged?

J: With me finishing up my college classes and only having student teaching left to complete my degree (I’m now a 7th grade math teacher), I knew that if Abby could put up with all of my stress from college classes, swimming and work, we would be able to handle anything life would throw at us. So I knew we would be okay with taking our relationship to the next level.  


A: Justin brought up the topic of engagement before I did, but it was such a natural change for us both to go through. We openly talked about the future frequently and we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We had been making future plans for ourselves with each other in mind for quite some time, and I think that's a huge factor in knowing you're ready for that next step.


What are your three favorite qualities about the other person?

Photo by Caitlin French

J: Abby is very level-headed for the most part. There is a certain time each month where she is no longer level-headed, but I still love her. J We balance each other out. There will be times where I am freaking out about something and she well be able to claim me down, and it goes both ways. Most of the time if there is something that is bugging her, I can calm her down. The last thing is she is very caring. She is always taking care of me. Unless she has a migraine, then I am taking care of her.  


A: First, I love that Justin is so laid back and easy going. We don't always have to have big plans or be doing something exciting to have a great time together, which I think is a great quality to have in the person you're going to be spending the rest of your life with. Second, I love how Justin and I are both ambitious and we support each other in our hobbies, goals and dreams. We motivate each other and push one another to be better. Third, he's my best friend and has been for years. I can confide in him, laugh with him, cry with him and grow with him. I'm incredibly blessed. 


Does being engaged feel different?

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J: It did the first night. But after that it all went back to normal for me. I am still living with the woman I love and I still get to see her every day. 


A: It feels different in some ways, yes. I think what feels the most different about it is that we have mutually made the decision to spend the rest of your lives together and we've shared that commitment with everyone else. I think it grows our bond with each other's families as well because we will all soon become one family. 


What has been the best and toughest part about wedding planning?

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J: I am unsure to tell the truth. Abby is doing most of the planning. All I’ve gotten to do is pick something up if she says we need it or she wants it. 


A: Wedding planning hasn't been too tough so far, but it has been a bit difficult to find time to do everything. One of my favorite parts has been connecting with wedding vendors in Indiana and exploring various venues I'd never seen before! It's cool to see what Indiana has to offer for the wedding industry. Another great part has been including our friends and family in our special day. 


How do you envision your wedding day?

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J: I am hoping to sleep in and enjoy a relaxing day, then get married to Abby. But, my guess is I am going to get a call at 6:00 AM from Abby telling me to get up and get to work.


A: Though we will be having a fairly big wedding, I envision our wedding day being relaxed, exciting and unbelievably happy surrounded by our family and friends. This will be the first time that all of our family and friends have been all together at one place, so that in combination with starting the rest of our lives together as a married couple couldn't be more special! 


What has been your favorite part/moment of being engaged so far?

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J: My favorite moment was waking up on Christmas morning this year and making Abby breakfast. The worst part was waiting to wake her up. I was told I couldn’t wake her up until at least 8:00 AM… I was up around 6:30 AM. 


A: One of my favorite moments was going on our first vacation together last spring, about four months after we got engaged. We had never really experienced traveling together until then, so that made it so special — plus we has the best time!


What is your five-year plan?

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J: Well this first year’s plan is to get married of course. Year two, we would like to get me a new vehicle. We would also like to look into living in a different place, but that does not have to happen right away. I think by year three we can start looking at renting a house. I wouldn't want to buy a house until we have saved up a good amount of money and have gotten our student loans paid off a little bit. I think about year five we could start looking into where we are wanting to live and maybe start looking at houses. By that time we should have a very good idea on where we will be working. After we get a house, I imagine us looking into getting a dog, and then maybe kids. But, who knows, life is a mystery and sometimes things go as planned, and other times life likes to throw things at us — so we just have to learn to roll with it.


A: We don't have anything set in stone of course, but I imagine us simply growing together as a couple, traveling more and exploring new places, eventually getting a dog when we have a yard for it to play in, buying a house, and starting a family. We're in no rush whatsoever to start a family because we really want to enjoy the beginning of our marriage as just the two of us (maybe with a cute dog too). I imagine us having three kids, maybe beginning 3+ years or so after we get married — but only time will tell!


What has been the biggest lesson?


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J: One of the biggest lessons has been being patient with Abby and her cooking. J She’s getting better, but she doesn't like to try to cook new things when I’m not around because she thinks she’s going to mess it up or poison me. But one day she’ll be a great cook! ;)


A: This is a tough one because nothing immediately comes to mind. I'm going to take the humorous approach and say that I've come to learn that Justin takes ten years to put his clothes away after I do our laundry and somehow always manages to get the bathroom floor wet — but I think I'll keep him. :)




I hope you enjoyed reading this Q&A and getting to know Justin and I a bit more on a personal level. Again, if you’re a frequent reader of my posts, thank you so much for taking an interest in our wedding planning journey and future marriage. Head over to my blog to stay up-to-date and feel free to reach out to me with any questions, wedding planning help, or simply just to chat: abbysaylor.com.


I hope you all have a great week!


— Abby