Bridal Spotlight: Katherine Walton's Love Story

Cheers To The Happy Couple

WELCOME to Indy Bride2B Bridal Spotlight! We are so excited to feature a new bride and her journey of wedding planning!


Katherine and Christian meet sophomore year of college at Taylor University! Christian is a Film major where Katherine is a Marketing major! They both have a passion for watching The Office and spending the nights in with popcorn, a candle glowing and snuggling up with their puppy Finn!

These two meet and just in a few short months they became engaged and event shorter time they got married!!

A little about how they meet, they both happened to be having Spring Break with their family in TN. Little did they know till social media showed that they were 5 min apart! Katherine then saw their location and decided to message Christian, from there they continued to talk all the way through Spring Break!

Once they got back to campus, they did what any couple would do… they started their love story over food! Who doesn’t love a love story with wings and fries(?)!

In that time they continued to hang out, then they went on a few ‘dates’ and going into summer they made it official in June! Once summer was over and they went back to school they continued to date, their relationship grew and quickly knew they were made for each other! With months of courting each other in April 2019 they got ENGAGED in his hometown during a fake photoshoot only proper.

Skipping ahead they then decided to set a date for August 24,2019… EEK… YES!…4.5 month engagement and YES they pulled it off & we can’t wait to show you all of the plans Katherine had, from asking her girls to be a part of her day, to the venue meetings and the grand exit into a convertible!

Stay tuned IndyBrides for what’s up next week!

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