All That Glitters Spotlight - Nontraditional Dresses for the Bride That Wants More Than Just White

 Photo via Honey Book

Photo via Honey Book

Hello, brides! I’m Wilma Woodruff and I own All That Glitters. I design and sew wedding dresses and do my own photo shoots of the dresses. I also specialize in dramatic, romantic boudoir photography. I want you to feel and look your most beautiful, whether the photos are a gift for your significant other or just because. An unusual combination, but one that incorporates my love of sewing and photography. My style is very eclectic: a little Marie Antoinette-baroque-medieval-gypsy-gothic-Victorian-romance-art deco with other styles sprinkled into the mix.

Everything is an inspiration and a possibility to me. I would say that I’m an artist who loves to create! My inception into bridal began quite differently than most and has been an evolution of sorts. I’ve always made clothing for myself and others, but then I became interested in old rhinestone costume jewelry and started making my own elaborate costume jewelry, bold and striking because I couldn’t find what I
wanted. Now, I have an extensive collection and use a lot of it in my photo shoots of wedding dresses. Around the same time, I belonged to a Barbie Club (which I still do lol), and became fascinated with sewing Barbie outfits, repainting their faces and restyling their hair and making jewelry for dolls. I love it. I used to work at a place where I had to be super dressed up and I decided I wanted all my handbags and shoes to match, so I started making handbags and covering shoes and boots with matching fabric because I wanted all my outfits for work to look beautiful and have uniformity. I don’t have to be super dressed up like that anymore but I still wear the shoes and carry the handbags.

Somewhere along the line, I began selling wedding dresses at a former well-known bridal shop and ended up being the top salesperson at the store. They had beautiful dresses, and I did some of my brides’
alterations on the side, but I kept thinking that white and ivory weren’t very exciting colors. Fast forward to now, I’m now designing and sewing wedding dresses of my own creations, mostly in color. Think breathtaking and way over the top! I can’t wait to share these with

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