George's Neighborhood Grill


Congratulations on the next chapter of your life! This is a very exciting time and there are many decisions that must be made. Your lists are getting longer and seem like nothing is getting done! We can help. Please let us host your rehearsal dinner and cross one item off your list. With nice table cloths and candlelight our beautiful banquet rooms are sure to put your mind at ease and know that our professionals will make your wedding eve memorable. With a variety of banquet option from which to choose, the only decisions you need to make is what great food you want your guest to enjoy. Call us to schedule a tasting and experience George’s for your wonderful evening.

Picture your rehearsal dinner at George's Neightborhood Grill! The private dinning room will be dressed with fine linens and candles. Begin the festivities with an appetizer buffet as guests arrive and mingle with a cocktail. Once seated, soup and salad are served. Then the main course will be served in one of two ways: a limited choice plated meal or a buffet dinner. There are also optional desserts!

Plan your bridal rehearsal dinner at George's and let us make your special weekend memorable. As you are planning your Indy wedding, you can schedule a tasting at our restaurant to choose options and discuss all the details. We are a family run restaurant and  provide highly customized, personal service to ensure your satisfaction.


Note: The $30 per head price does not incude alcohol, tax or gratuity. You may bring additional centerpieces if you desire. The private dining room seats up to 80. 


Contact Info

6935 Lake Plaza Drive Indianapolis


Average Price: $30 to $35

Side of Town: Northside

Max Number of Guests: 51-100

Deposit Amount: