Myra Levine Spotlight - Have Fun At Your Wedding

Have Fun at Your Wedding

By now, everyone has seen the video of the “Best Brother’s Wedding Speech,” but in case you’ve been too busy freaking out about your own upcoming nuptials, here it is:

Neither of my brothers could quite pull off a speech that great, but Sally Coffman, my Matron of Honor and part-time actress/writer, regaled our guests with the story of how David clinched the deal with me with a toilet plunger, which he purchased and then… christened… after one of our early dates. I’d venture to say that very few successful dates start with the guy showing up at your house badly needing the bathroom, then being told he can’t use it because the toilet is clogged and there’s no plunger. Somehow we managed it. But the best moment of our wedding came before it began, right after we signed the matrimonial papers. I was obsessing about the instructions I’d given the caterer, what time I’d told the bakers to arrive with the wedding cake, and how big my dress made my backside look, when Rabbi Bram said something that got my attention. “You’re married.” He explained that as far as the State of Indiana and the Jewish People were concerned, we’d married each other the moment we had signed those papers. “The rest of this is just a party,” he said. “So enjoy.” I have to tell you, that took the pressure right off. Most of it, anyway. So my advice is to put your Big Day in perspective. Yes, you want it to be memorable and gorgeous and flawless, but it’s a party. What counts is what comes after. The marriage. We’ll talk.

Sophie Fleetwood