Point Me North 

In-House Experience

We would love to help you design your personalized bridal experience. We can provide all of your needs in -house and you can choose which services you would like from our service menu. We can provide hair, make-up, meditation, acupuncture, IV therapy, adjustments, and so much more.

Host Your Bridal Party

Or, if you would like to use your own preferred vendors. Also, you can rent our space to host your bridal shower or spend the day here being pampered for your special day with those that you love by bringing your own stylist, make-up artist, and all those that surround you during the day-of events.


Would you like to create your dream wedding? We can come to your location and build that experience for you, whatever that may look like. Your childhood home, a place of special meaning that you hold in your heart, or at the venue where your wedding is taking place. Let us help make your Dream Wedding come true and be everything that you envisioned!


Joshua Agan

Point Me North

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