Wedding Wednesday: July 27, 2016

By Sophie Fleetwood

Welcome to another round of weekly favorites from your favorite wedding website! July is winding down and soon coming to a close. August is just around the corner, Bride2B's! Are you getting closer to your wedding date? If so, take a moment and scroll through some of our wedding favorites for this week so you can get inspired to keep planning! Haven't started your planning yet? Let today be the day and continue reading for some wedding inspo to help you get started! Enjoy, lovely ladies!


1. Favorite Mug (so cute!) :

Photo by ILY Couture


2. Favorite Lemonade Station (a nice treat to refresh your guests!) :

Photo by Popsugar


3. Favorite Centerpiece (a gorgeous display for a reception) :

Photo by Wedding Chicks


4. Favorite Groomsmen (check out these studs!) :

Photo by Mon Cheri Brides


5. Favorite Wedding Dress (so pretty and flowy) :

Photo by Tumblr


Check back next week for some more of our favorites! Happy Planning, Brides!



Sophie Fleetwood