Wedding Wednesday : Our Favorite Exits

We made it to the middle of the week! A little inspiration to get you to the weekend! I am getting married this weekend, yay!

I just wanted to share my top 5 favorite couple exits and hopefully this draws some inspiration for your wedding!


The Bubble exit! It is inexpensive, great for all weather and it adds a little romance!


No. 2

We have a Confetti exit! What’s a little fun if you don’t get just a tad messy!

No. 3

The Flower Petal exit! This is for the bride who loves color!

No. 4

The Ribbon Wand exit! This one is one of my favorites, no mess and beautiful photos!


Last but not least, the sparklers for the grand finale!!! What’s a wedding without a grand exit, or should I say, going out with a little sparkle?

See you next week for another round of Wedding Wednesday, next week we will show off our top 5 mobile bar inspirations! Something you don’t want to miss, Cheers -IndyBride2B