Bridal Spotlight: A Wedding Planning Update

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These past few months have been a total whirlwind for both Dylon and I. Regardless, this December has been incredibly productive and the wedding is finally beginning to come together. Here are some things I have been working and learning…


Lovin’ you is red… and so is my new primary wedding color! With the development of my father’s industrial-style office building in the works, I noticed something that was a little “off” on the blueprints. There is a giant 20 foot wall that is going to be painted bright red and basically set the tone for the entire office. I would argue that red does not exactly mesh well with my original concept of a boho-themed mauve wedding. So we adjusted! My summer wedding is now going to be grazed with bright hues of red roses, muted pink tones, greenery, and white wild flowers.


Vendor shopping. Decisions are tough and Indy is filled with an ongoing list of fabulous wedding vendors. Be open, but also know what you want and be decisive. Know your budget and know exactly what you are looking for. I am absolutely horrible at making decisions so it has really helped to have a friends and family to consult with. I’ll keep you all in the loop on some of my vendor decisions in the next month or so.


My wedding planner book. For my birthday, my fabulous grandmother gifted me a wedding planner book that has essentially saved my sanity. I am very traditional with how I plan things (work, life, my business, weddings, etc.) and prefer doing everything on paper. Yes, Pinterest has helped a ton, but this wedding book is way more detailed and has helped me make solid decisions while helping me stay on budget. Be sure to check it out and see if it’s a good fit for you too- (click here!)

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Wedding planning is not a chore. The second you stop enjoying the planning process is the second you need to re-evaluate your dream wedding and pinpoint what is stressing you out so much. The best advice I can possibly give is to remember that this is YOUR wedding and you it should be the exact way that you want. If you're planning the wedding to please everyone else, it will probably begin to feel exactly like another task on your list of things to do.


I am lucky enough to have support from my family and friends who encourage my creativity. Dylon and I have also found that we both really enjoy talking about it. We do date nights all the time just to talk about where we’re at with the wedding and the next steps. We help each other plan the wedding and make it an enjoyable experience. (Tip: wine helps everything too).

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Wishing everyone the best on their wedding planning journeys! I can’t wait to share more about my vendors and wedding planning decisions!


Until next time…


-       Ariel Ann