5 Things I've Learned About Wedding Planning

By Abby Saylor Armbruster

Hello, Bride2B's! Welcome back to Indybride2B.com. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to an Indiana blogger and Bride2B, Abby Saylor. We're so excited to share her blog with our brides. Abby is originally from Southern Indiana and she is now a public relations specialist at a PR Agency in Indianapolis. She will be getting married on June 10, 2017. Enjoy this blog and don't forget to check out abbysaylor.com.


5 Things I've Learned About Wedding Planning | Abby Saylor


Timing is everything.

Timing has definitely been one of my biggest lessons so far. I figured I wouldn’t run into any issues planning my wedding a year in advance, but I was wrong. Spots fill up even quicker than you’d think, so if there’s a particular venue or photographer you want, contact them ASAP. You usually have to be quick on the draw to snag your first choices. As a starting point, I suggest making a list of your top three choices for each element of your special day (bakers, DJs, florists, etc.).

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There is a natural order to things.

There is a general order that should be followed for “effortless” planning. First, nail down your venue. The venue you choose is likely to only be available on certain days, so don’t have your heart set on a specific date until you know what your options are. Once the venue and date is finalized, you can then order save the dates. I would suggest getting your dress after that because the wedding party and décor will play off of whatever you’re wearing — you get the idea! Don’t jump the gun and try to do all the things you’re most excited for first, because chance are it’s not quite time for that yet. Try to follow some kind of schedule.

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Your style should be cohesive.

Your wedding style should be apparent across all boards, whether it’s your decorations, your dress, your cake or your venue. For instance, the style of the photographer you choose should align with the style of your wedding. If you’ve chosen a bohemian theme, like me, the ideal photographer would capture earthy photos. If you’ve chosen a rustic theme, a photographer that captures bright, light photos would fit perfectly. You don’t have to choose a theme of course, but if you do, it should be apparent throughout the ceremony and reception.

Engagement Photos by Caitlin French

Sometimes the extra dollar is worth it, and sometimes it's not. 

That sounds really helpful, right? I've found that splurging on certain things vs. saving money on others has really made a difference. For instance, I paid a little bit extra to have my save the date addresses printed on the envelopes and I'm so glad I did. That little bit of money saved me hours worth of handwriting addresses. Here’s a secret: an item that you can save money on, surprisingly, is your dress. Years of binge-watching “Say Yes To The Dress” had me convinced that I needed to fork out 1,000 for a beautiful gown, when that couldn't be further from the truth. There are plenty of stores, like BHLDN, that have tons of dress options under 1,000 that will make you look and feel like a million bucks.

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Consider the details. 

It's simple to only look at the big picture, but remember the details are just as important. Often times the simple details are what people are going to remember. Send your bridesmaids a personalized letter or sprinkle flower petals on the tables that are the same color as the first flowers your soon-to-be husband ever gave you. Those are the special elements that make your wedding personalized and intimate, and those are the details you're going to remember for years to come.

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