Bridal Spotlight: Abby's Venue Pick - Avon Gardens

By Abby Saylor Armbruster

Bride2B's, welcome back to IndyBride2B! This week we have a new post in our bridal spotlight series for our viewers to check out. Abby will be sharing some of her tips for finding the perfect venue as well as some information about her venue pick- Avon Gardens! Keep reading for more and enjoy!




The venue I’ve selected for our June, boho wedding is Avon Gardens in Avon, Indiana! I went into wedding venue scouting thinking I knew exactly what I wanted, but I quickly realized there are so many elements to consider when selecting the perfect venue for you and your groom.

When beginning your venue search, it’s extremely helpful to make a list of the elements you’re looking for in order of importance. This will help you keep what truly matters in mind while looking at various venue locations. For example, I knew I wanted the following:

  1. An outdoor ceremony at the same location as the reception
  2. The opportunity for a covered reception in case of inclement weather
  3. A lot of existing flowers or room to easily add my own flowers
  4. Accessible, on-site parking
  5. Bride and groom quarters preferred

For each venue you visit, make a list of pros and cons while it’s still fresh on your mind. Write down the things you’re excited about, as well as the elements the venue is lacking. This will really help you to remember the venue when referencing back during your selection process, because trust me, it’s easy for your memory to get jumbled!

When I first visited Avon Gardens, I knew that it fit everything I wanted visually. There are so many beautiful spots to take pictures and everything is so lush and vibrant. There are also a couple ceremony options to choose from and I love that the reception location is a beautiful, short walk away from the ceremony.

Photo by Abby Saylor

My fiancé Justin and I during our first visit to the Avon Gardens.

As you walk around the venue, really think about if this is somewhere you can picture yourself and your groom getting married. Does this location fit the two of you as a couple? Does this spot reflect both of your personalities? Considering all of these components will make selecting your venue come naturally.

Photos by Avon Gardens

Justin and I are laid-back and both agreed we wanted to get married outdoors. We’ve always liked going on walks together and I love flowers, so getting married in a beautiful flower garden that we can come back to and visit at any time seemed so effortless and intimate to us. I couldn’t be happier with our decision and I’m counting down the days until I get to marry the love of my life at the most breathtaking garden, surrounded by our family and friends.

Abby - venue image 2.JPG

 Photo by Avon Gardens


I hope you find these tips helpful as you begin your venue search! Good luck and happy hunting!