Abby's DJ Pick & Tips For Choosing a DJ

By Abby Saylor Armbruster

Bridal Spotlight: Abby's DJ Pick + Tips For Choosing a DJ

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Hey guys! Today I'm sharing with you the DJ we picked for our wedding, tips for picking the perfect DJ for your big day, as well as the winner of the free couple session GIVEAWAY with Arianna Marie Photography!


Although a DJ seems like such a small element of the big picture of your wedding day, that couldn't be further from the truth. The DJ controls the schedule of your wedding, how the event flows, when and where to direct people, and "gets the party going."


We've chosen Jim Lewis as our DJ! Jim was highly recommended by my wedding venue, Avon Gardens. I think it's important to talk with the people at your wedding venue to see who they've had as DJs in the past, who's great, and who's not. It's a good idea to get a DJ who has worked at your venue before, that way they're familiar with the setup and flow of events, most likely allowing the day to go more smoothly. Look up reviews online and ask for opinions and recommendations from friends, family, and wedding vendors in the area.

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Here are some elements to consider when choosing the ideal DJ for your wedding:


1. Know your needs.

What is your wedding and reception situation? Are you having a full-out reception, or will it be more of a cocktail hour? How long is your event? During what hours will you need your DJ running the show? What role do you want your DJ to play? Although a DJ seems to fall in the middle of your checklist, be sure to schedule one early — they book up fast, especially the good ones! :)

2. Know your vibe.
What kind of music do you want to be played? Do you want to host a party-like reception or are you striving for something low-key? What type of traditional elements, if any, do you want to incorporate (bouquet toss, garter toss, money dance, etc.)? Be up-front.

3. Know your guests.

Are your families into dancing, or will it be more of a relaxed event? Are your guests likely to stay until closing time, or do you think they'll head home early? Consider choosing a DJ that has experience hosting a wedding like yours.


Just like your photographer, you want a DJ with experience that understands the event you want to have. A DJ that understands your needs will be able to meet your needs, and it's as simple as that! I’m so excited to bring the wedding playlist I’ve created to life and to select special songs for my walk down the isle and our first dance.


I hope you found this to be helpful and be sure to check out Jim’s website! As promised, the winner of the free couple session giveaway with Arianna Marie Photography is: Danielle Daratony! Congratulations! Arianna will reach out to you soon to talk details.


Be sure to check out the new post that went up on my blog yesterday sharing the details of my custom wedding dress hanger that I'm obsessed with. Thank you so much for reading and I can't wait to share more of my wedding picks with you soon!


— Abby