Wedding Favors 101

By Abby Saylor Armbruster


Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk wedding favors. Are they necessary? Are they too expensive and pointless? Will your guests keep or remember these items? Let's get into it.


Wedding favors are a totally optional element of your big day and can range from something simple and sweet to something your guests will keep for a lifetime. Some see favors as completely unnecessary, while others love the gesture and choose to incorporate it into their wedding day.


When choosing the wedding favor that's just right for you and your future hubby, there are a few things to consider. First, what is your budget? Since wedding favors certainly don't hold a high position on most priority lists, you'll want to figure out what your desired price point is before making a decision.


Second, you'll want to do your research. Do you want something customized with your names on them? Do you want something inexpensive like treat bags or flower seeds, or something that's a bit more of an expense, such as candles or customized cups? The options are endless and I suggest looking on sites like Pinterest and Etsy for inspiration. Here are some fun favor ideas:


Photos by Pinterest

Photo by Pinterest

Photo by Pinterest

Finally, think about how you want people to remember your wedding. For some, the wedding favors are an important takeaway that will always remind guests of your special day, while others see wedding favors as simply a fun little surprise!


I'm keeping our wedding favors a secret until the big day — sorry to disappoint! ;) However, I can tell you that we decided to go the personal route by purchasing wedding favors with our names and wedding date on them. What are your thoughts on wedding favors?


Thank you so much for following along on my wedding planning journey. Stay up-to-date on my other wedding posts on my blog ( and check back here for another update from me in a couple weeks!


— Abby