Abby's Wedding Cake Pick — Taylor Made Bakery

By Abby Saylor Armbruster

Let’s talk CAKE! Today I'm sharing with you the baker my fiancé Justin and I picked for our wedding, as well as tips for choosing the right cake for yourself and your groom, your guests, and your venue.          

I began by gathering inspiration on Pinterest. I saved photos I liked and was quickly able to determine what my style is. These are three of my favorite cakes I found, with the third being the one I want recreated. I love 2-3 tier white cakes with fresh flowers. I love how delicate and beautiful it is, while playing off the bohemian vibe that I’m going for.

Consider how many guests you’re going to have to determine the amount of cake you need. Chances are if you’re going to have more than 100 guests, you’ll most likely need at least 3 tiers to serve everyone. As for flavors, discuss the options with your fiancé to make sure you both get what you want.


I spent some time scoping out local bakers on Instagram and was instantly intrigued when I came across Taylor Made Bakery. Her cakes are so beautiful and she instantly stood out among others I’d seen. After contacting her to make our cake, Justin and I decided on a 3-tier white cake with fresh flowers — chocolate cake on the bottom, funfetti in the middle, and strawberry on top. For an alternative option for our guests, we also decided to add flower and succulent-like cupcakes into the mix in chocolate and vanilla.




Name: Taylor Pierle

Name of business: Taylor Made Cakery, LLC

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Years/months in business: 1 year, 8 months


How did you get started with Taylor Made Cakery? Who/what inspired you to become a baker? 

I started Taylor Made Cakery in March of 2015 after a brief period of soul-searching of how I could turn one of my passions into a career. I've always been drawn to baking and decided it was time to take a risk on myself. Taylor Made Cakery is a home-based business on the south side of Indianapolis. I have no formal training or education in baking, but have countless hours in experimentation and creation as you might imagine. I particularly enjoy the design aspect of baking, although the taste and texture of the confection is always my first priority. Since starting TMC, I've had over 500 cake and cupcake orders. The response has been overwhelming, and I have been shown enormous love and support from my friends, family and customers. What started as a small side venture has blossomed into a full-time business, and in the near future will take the form of a storefront bakery. I cannot thank all of my supporters enough and I'm so excited for the future of Taylor Made Cakery! 


What is your favorite creation that you’ve made so far? (it can be wedding, birthday, custom specialty order, etc.)

Although I take great pride in every cake creation, I particularly enjoy wedding cakes. I love meeting with couples and hearing about their design ideas. I really enjoy piping icing, so any type of wedding cake design that requires detailed piping work is extremely enjoyable and challenging!



What cake flavors do you offer to your customers? What's your favorite flavor?

TMC offers vanilla, chocolate, marble, almond, strawberry, lemon, raspberry, carrot, red velvet, funfetti, and multiple other seasonal flavors (pumpkin, peppermint, etc). I also offer gluten free and vegan cakes. My most popular flavors are almond and raspberry, and my personal favorite is raspberry and my seasonal fall flavor of pumpkin!


How do you transport cakes to reception sites?

Definitely not alone! My creations are usually pretty sturdy, but I always bring one of my “assistants” (AKA my husband, sister, or dad) along with me to ensure a safe delivery. Wedding cake deliveries can be stressful as I know how important the wedding cake is to the couples and their families.


 Do you charge for wedding cake consultations?

No, my wedding cake consultations and tastings are free! We offer a free cupcake assortment with all of the most popular flavors to prospective wedding customers so they can taste them first and figure out what flavors they prefer. Thereafter, if they wish to meet to discuss their design ideas, I am happy to do so, often at a mutually convenient location such as Starbucks. I am also comfortable discussing design ideas via email or whatever is most convenient for the customer. 


Can customers bring in designs they've seen on the internet or in a magazine for you to recreate?

Absolutely! I actually prefer that my wedding clients bring photos so I know exactly what they are wanting. It helps me see – and hopefully fulfill - the vision they have. 

How far will you deliver?

I have not yet put a geographic limit on my delivery area. The farthest I have delivered is an hour away from the Indy area! As demand grows I may need to limit the area, but for now we are willing to deliver wherever the customer likes, provided my baking schedule allows it and I can be sure the cake will survive the trip! 


What is unique about you and your business that sets you apart from other Indy bakers?

TMC is unique in the one-on-personal service the customer receives from start to finish. I am a small shop and understand the importance of having a unique and tasty treat for that special occasion, or the one-of-a kind cake for the wedding day! I am fortunate that my reviews have been so kind, and I am often told that my cakes are very creative, well done and tasty! That is the highest compliment I can receive. My business philosophy is that if the service or product does not exceed my customer’s expectations, it is not acceptable. I take great pride in my creations and love knowing that my contributions have a little role in making those celebratory days just a little more special!

    If you’re interested in hiring Taylor to make a cake for you, contact her at:



Phone: 317-460-1598 

Instagram: @taymadecakery

Facebook: Taylor Made Cakery

Thank you so much for reading and following along on my wedding planning journey. On a separate note, a new post went up on my blog today showing photos of my fiancé and I decorating for our first Christmas together in an apartment of our own. I hope you all had a great weekend and check out Taylor Made Bakery!


— Abby


Abby Saylor Armbruster