How to Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower

By Abby Saylor Armbruster

Now that spring is quickly approaching, it’s likely bridal shower season for all of us spring and summer bride-to-be’s out there. Here are my tips for throwing the perfect bridal shower, including the key items you need to check off your list to pull the whole event together.


First and foremost, select the theme you want to have for your bridal shower. Some people choose to make their bridal shower an extension of their wedding and keep the same theme, while others choose something totally different. For example, I’m having a garden wedding and I’ve chosen to have a garden party theme for my bridal shower as well. Keep in mind the location and/or season your bridal shower will take place at too.


Once you’ve nailed down a location, date, time and theme, you’ll need to mail out invitations. Go through your wedding invite list and choose people you’d like to be a part of your shower. Select invitations that go with your theme and send them out a month in advance, minimum so everyone has enough notice.


Now, this is the fun part because this is what pulls your whole theme together! Gather inspiration online to collect supplies and create décor for your bridal shower that’s totally you. Items could include tablecloths, napkins, cups, plates, silverware, gift table, balloons… you name it.


What kind of food do you want to serve? I suggest choosing something that goes along with your theme, like finger foods for a tea party theme and dainty treats for a Paris theme. Your food will also be based on the time of day and the type of event you’re having, whether it be brunch, cocktail hour, etc. Make sure you provide a few options so everyone can find something they like.

Games and Activities

Not everyone is into games, but this is a great activity to include for a fun and light-hearted crowd. There are tons of ideas and printables on Pinterest, which is super helpful! This is a great way to get everyone involved and also allows for the opportunity to have each guest sign or write something that can be turned into a keepsake for you and your future spouse.

Click here to view the Bridal Shower Pinterest board I created for this post with tons of ideas and inspiration to help you plan your bridal shower, including everything from treats to decorations, themes, games and more!

Thank you for reading and happy planning!

  • Abby
Abby Saylor Armbruster