15 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

By Sophie Fleetwood

So, you're ready to start searching for a wedding venue. Finding some place beautiful is one thing, but sometimes a pretty venue just isn't enough. Your venue needs to have the style you want for your wedding but also the price you can afford, the capacity you need, and several other factors as well. So, what other questions should you be asking after you tour a wedding venue? Check out this list:

1. Is my wedding date available?

2. What would it cost me to use this venue for my ceremony/reception?

3. How much time will it take to convert this space from a ceremony to a reception?

If you're using the same venue for your venue and reception, this question is essential. Sometimes timing is everything and you don't want to keep your hungry guests waiting around for too long.

4. Does this venue offer discounts on certain days?

Many venues will offer lower prices for Sunday weddings. Looking to save some money? Consider having your wedding on a holiday weekend.

5. What time frame will we have to use this venue?

It's important to know what time you would have access to a venue and what time you would have to clear out. If you come across a venue that lets you use it for the entire day, that's definitely a big advantage. 

6. How many people can be seated in this venue?

7. Can I use the vendors I choose or is there a preferred vendors list?

Many venues have preferred vendors so if you already have vendors that you're set on using, don't forget to ask this important question. 

8. What all do you include if I use this venue for my wedding and what is excluded?

Depending on the venue and the size, there may be some rooms that you don't have access to. If that's a problem for you, clear that up before you make any big decisions.

9. What are the parking arrangements?

Make sure there's enough parking for your guests and if there isn't, you'll probably need to make additional arrangements for parking. The size of the parking could be a big factor in your decision. You don't want overflow parking to be too complicated if the venue doesn't have enough space.

10. What is the backup plan for rain?

If you're planning on having any part of your reception or ceremony outdoors, you need to have a backup plan. Weather can be unpredictable and there's no guarantee that it won't rain on the day you say "I do". Make sure your venue has a good backup plan that you would be okay with if it was necessary to move things indoors.

11. When is the payment due?

You  need to know how much time you have to make the deposit and to make the full payment for your venue of choice.

12. What is the policy for cancellations?

Life happens and there's always the possibility that something could come up in your personal life that would require you to change the date of your wedding. Make sure the policy is something you're comfortable with and willing to accept.

13. What linens do you provide?

You gotta make sure you know what you're working with!

14. Who would be in charge of setting up and tearing down the reception and the ceremony?

Some venues will provide help for this part of the wedding, but some don't. You don't want to be worried about recruiting guests to help you tear down at the end of the night.

15. Finally, a question to ask yourself: Is this the right place for me and my fiancé?


Happy Planning, Brides!