Wedding Trend: Hand-Lettered Wedding Stationary with EB Paper Co


Wedding invitations are an important part of wedding planning because they set the tone for what your wedding will be like and it is the perfect opportunity to give your guests a fabulous first impression of your big day that you’ve been planning! We love to support local business and this female-owned local paper company is nothing short of amazing! Emma Bugher of EB Paper Co offers all kinds of paper goods including baby shower invites, art prints, stickers, place cards, and most importantly, her beautiful wedding stationary! Check out some of her work below!

Emma hand-letters all of her products and each individual piece is a work of art! She uses several different kinds of materials to produce these pretty little wonders! Pricing for invite suites vary based on which materials are used to create the invitations. Emma offers hand drawn pieces as well as digitally designed art! Emma can quickly quote any inquiries. Contact her on Instagram at @eb.paperco to send her a DM!

We sat down with Emma to ask her about business and here’s what she shared with us!

Q & A with Emma Bugher of EB Paper Co

My name is Emma and I’m the one-woman show behind EB Paper Co! I grew up in Lafayette, completed my Bachelor’s degree at Indiana University Bloomington, and now reside in the St. Clair Place neighborhood of downtown Indianapolis with my husband, Conor, and our cat, Jinx. I am a corporate meeting planner and in my spare time I enjoy travel, interior design, fitness, live music, and of course, all things handwritten! 

3 words your friends would use to describe you?

Caring, charismatic, and organized! 

 Favorite show?

Guilty pleasure….. I love the Bachelor + Bachelorette!  

Fun fact?

My husband and I love going on weekend getaways to music festivals!

How long have you been in business?

About 2 years! I made the EB Paper Co social accounts in the latter half of 2017, so I’d mark that time as the start of taking it more seriously and developing my work under the EB Paper Co name.  

What or who inspired you to start your own business?

Definitely the encouragement of those in my life – my husband, friends, family, and coworkers.  From a young age, I’ve put a lot of focus on my handwriting (not the business aspect – just making it look as cute as possible J) and it was in college that the compliments turned into genuine suggestions to monetize the skill.  

What does your creative process look like?

It depends on the project! Digitally designed projects are each so unique and are so much different than hand-to-material projects. Hand-to-material projects can vary greatly, too, depending on the material ON which I’m writing – wood, cloth, acrylic, glass, paper… and can also vary greatly depending on the object WITH which I’m writing – brush, pen, brush pen, marker.  Admittedly, I suppose I’m a bit all over the place in this regard! I ebb and flow with the design needs of the project at hand.

 Describe your style.

Modern, whimsical, and playful.    

What is your favorite part about what you do?

Definitely the gratification I get from being able to provide something to others that brings them joy! I so appreciate having a hobby that I can share, tangibly, with others.

What has been one of your favorite projects to work on and why?

This time last year, I worked with a team of awesome vendors on a styled wedding photo-shoot at Laurel Hall.  The styling was amazing and it was my first time writing on large acrylic pieces. It all came together so well and I was so grateful to be a part of such a fun project with a talented group of individuals.  Itching for another one! 

 What is one thing you wish you would have known when you first started?

Invest in technology!  I practiced SOOO much on paper before getting my iPad and Apple Pencil – the Apple Pencil, in particular, was life changing.  I can practice way more efficiently now and don’t have to use a bunch of paper in the process.   

Do you have any other projects coming up that you’re excited about?

Nothing major on the horizon right now!  I’ve gotten really into digital calligraphy and design, and I hope to progress more in that direction.  So for now, lots of practice!