Gorgeous Ceremony Arches

By Sophie Fleetwood

The altar is an essential part of a wedding ceremony. It's where the bride meets her groom, the newlyweds share their first kiss as man and wife, and it is from this altar that they begin their new chapter of life together. So, with that said, we've come up with a list of beautiful wedding arches that couples used to decorate the centerpiece of their ceremony. Whether it's decorated with flowers or drapes, a beautiful arch makes for a stunning altar that you and your guests won't soon forget.


A gorgeous set of drapes can take a simple arch and turn it into something stunning. Curtains add a more luxurious feeling. No matter what look you're going for, you can achieve it with a nice set of drapes. It can look easy going and boho, or it can look extravagant and lavish. Amp things up with fairy lights or stick with some flowers to add extra pizazz to your drapes. So many different looks can be achieved with curtains draped over your wedding arch.

Photo by Wed Luxe

This high-rising arch, accented with cascading floral bouquets, features beautiful drapes that gently graze the floor. This is a perfect look for the couple that wants a more fancy altar. 

Photo by Florals by Jenny

This arch has a more simple display. These drapes are a bit thinner, and they create a more simple, boho feel. These are accented with flowers, a very popular way to dress up your plain white drapes. The main attraction? A beautiful chandelier with sparkling crystals hanging from its fixture in the center of the dazzling display.

Photo by Tulle and Chantilly

An arch doesn't have to have lights, just adding some beautiful flowers to follow along the border of the drapes will do the trick. This arch offers a similar boho feel but without the chandelier. 


Here are a couple of other wedding arches we love that incorporate drapes:

Photo by Brides                                                                        Photo by Wedding Chicks

If you want your arch to have something unique, try adding a flower wall behind it. These are easy to make, and it'll look beautiful in all of your wedding photos.

Photo by Mod Wedding

This dense flower wall creates the perfect backdrop for a romantic ceremony.

Photo by Mod Wedding

Beautiful carnations or roses are perfect for a flower wall.

Photo by Style Me Pretty

A flower wall doesn't have to be dense. Even just a few lines of cascading flowers here and there behind the arch can create the desired effect.


An arch decorated exclusively with flowers can create a ceremony that even fairies would come out to watch. Create a delicate arch embellished with the most colorful flowers in nature to be the frame of your altar. Sometimes some beautiful roses are all you need to make something eye-catching.

Photo by Wedding Chicks

The choice of all white flowers creates a sophisticated and classy ceremony. Remaining petals of these delicate florals are scattered across the aisle. Simply beautiful!

The more color, the better! This boho bride created an exciting arch display with pops of colors featuring peachy hues and cobalt blue.

Here are some other gorgeous arches smothered in petals!

Photo by Colin Cowie Weddings                                                 Photo by White Lilac Inc

Photo by Wedding Party App

Birch trees are a very popular structure to use for wedding arches.

The trick to pulling off these gorgeous arches is using flower foam, something your florist will be very familiar with. Using flower foam will allow you to create whatever you have imagined in your head! Create something beautiful at your wedding by using some of these ideas for an unforgettable wedding ceremony arch! Happy Planning, Brides!