Table Runners 101

By Sophie Fleetwood

Brides, today we give you an inside look at creating the perfect table runner for a beautifully decked out reception. A lot goes into creating the perfect table for your wedding. Place settings, centerpieces, and table runners are all important parts of setting your table. We've already covered how to create the perfect place setting (check out our blog "Place Settings 101" here), and now it's time for us to share with you the art of the table runner. Learn what materials are best for a natural looking table runner, check out some table runner inspiration, as well as other tips for this part of your planning. Enjoy!


So, my favorite table runner is one that is inspired by nature. Whether you're using fake flowers and leaves made from silk or you're forming this decoration from real, live flowers, I love the nature theme.

Table runners made out of greenery are the perfect way to liven up any table. These runners pair well with many different themes, particularly outdoors, boho, or rustic styles.

Table runners will add that extra bit of decoration that your table needs to stand out. If you have round tables at your reception and a rectangular shaped table for the bride and groom, adding a table runner made from greenery is the perfect way to make your table look special. Or, if you're using all rectangular tables, putting table runners on each table will create a nature inspired, uniform look that your guests will love. 


Before you dive into creating your table runner or having you florist create one, consider the look you're going for and what materials you want to be used. If you love the boho style like me, a popular way to create a table runner is just to stick to fresh greens. This will freshen up your table and reception look as well as add a pop of color and liveliness. When in doubt, think green!

Choosing your greenery can be a tough task. There is such a wide array of different kinds of greenery that can be used for a table runner.


Here are some examples:

Photo by Fifty Flowers


If using only greenery doesn't satisfy you, tuck in some flowers into the arrangement as well. You can add any color of flowers to your table runner. White flowers are popular for this look, but there's no rule against using some blush pink blooms or some peachy florals in your arrangement!


Check out this chart of popular white wedding flowers:

Photo by Living Fresh


Here are some examples of table runners that also incorporated flowers into the arrangement.

Photo by My Wedding                                                              Photo by My Wedding


Eucalyptus is a really popular type of greenery to use in these types of arrangements, the color is soft and soothing and it'll lay well on any table. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus plants are one of the most popular types of Eucalyptus to use in table runner arrangements. Their round leaves add a soft touch and it's perfect for an outdoor wedding! I've seen this type of eucalyptus used at graduation parties, weddings, and more!

 Photo by Something Turquoise


Check out these beautiful table runners! There are lots of different ways you can style table runners and accessorize them! The possibilities really are endless so let your creativity take over!

Photo by Marie Claire                                                               Photo by Style Me Pretty


Wanna give it a try? Use this tutorial to create your own DIY greenery table runner! Click here.

Photo by Minted


Table runners are a great decoration for any table. There really is so much you can do with these arrangements because you can use any combination of greenery and flowers. You can choose certain kinds of flowers to put in your table runner so that it matches your theme better, or you can leave it with just the greenery in the arranegement! Whatever you decide, it will look beautiful!


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Happy planning, Brides!