Wedding Inspiration: Invitations

By Sophie Fleetwood

Wedding invitations are crucial parts of your wedding. This section of the planning process is essential because it's the item that creates the first impression of your wedding for your guests. Your invitations should be something that represents you and your groom well as well as what the theme, color scheme, or overall vibe your wedding will have. Get your guests excited with some beautiful invitations! You want to find something you love and remember some of your guests may be sticking these invites on their refrigerators to remember the date so make sure it's something everybody is going to enjoy looking at! 


With all of the different styles of invitations out there, you're sure to find something that fits you, your groom, and your wedding! Etsy is growing in popularity, and this website is a great place to turn to if you want something unique and creative. And by using Etsy, you're supporting a small business! 


Here are some Etsy invitations we love!

Photo by Etsy


This invitation comes from Divine Give Digital. Using this Etsy shop is super efficient because you have many options for the form your invitations can come in. You can customize the invitations with the exact wording that you choose. You can also download the invitation, which means that after you purchase it, you can print it off in any size or quality on any paper. This shop also presents the earth-friendly route and suggests emailing them to guests- a great way to save money and the environment!


Here are some more invitations from this shop.

Photo by Etsy                                                                          Photo by Etsy

Photo by Etsy                                                                          Photo by Etsy


Looking for something intricate and gorgeous? Elegant Wedding Invites has a plethora of wedding invitations for you to choose from. Their design and pattern show exactly why their website is called, Elegant Wedding Invites. Whether you want glittery, rustic, floral, boho, or classy invitations, this site has it all. And their specialty is a beautiful laser cut style invitation in gold or silver. These invitations are so lovely and stylish!

Photo by Etsy                                                                          Photo by Etsy                                   

Photo by Etsy                                                                          Photo by Etsy


These are just a couple of places that you can find some gorgeous wedding invitations. There are all kinds of options out there! The important thing is to find something that makes you and your groom happy and something that matches your style! Good luck, brides!