Trendy Photo Ideas For Your Wedding

By Sophie Fleetwood

Are you looking for a way to keep your guests entertained and make your wedding reception unique? Try setting up a Photo Booth at your wedding! You can hire a vendor to set up an actual booth or you can create a beautiful backdrop and set out a polaroid camera so that guests can snap some cute pics! Having a backdrop for photos or a photo booth can create gorgeous photos that all your guests will want to post on Instagram! If a photo booth backdrop is something you want to try for your wedding, then keep reading for amazing ideas and all the photo booth inspiration you need!

There are all kinds of materials you can use to create your backdrop and there's even more that you can use to accessorize your backdrop and add the finishing touches. You can use items like wood paneling, streamers, sheets, chalkboards, and flowers to create your backdrop. To accessorize it you can use tassels, tissue paper, balloons, glitter, and more!


Wood Paneling

Photo by Hi Miss Puff                                                                 Photo by Wedding Party App

If you know anybody that is skilled with carpentry or woodworking, this might be a good option for your backdrop! Wood paneling is perfect for outdoor receptions and ceremonies and if you accessorize it with some flowers or garlands, that will definitely add the finishing touch. If you stick with the nature theme for your accessories it will fit in perfectly with an outdoor wedding.


Flower Wall

Photo by Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

If you're having your wedding outside, try using a flower wall to complement the outdoor setting. Photos against the backdrop of gorgeous flowers, whether they're real or silk, will make for beautiful photos that your guests can take lots of photos in front of. these flower walls are pretty and intricate and they can be a centerpiece of any ceremony or reception.

Ribbon Wall

Photo by Something Turquoise                                                 Photo by Hand Maker of Things

Try out a ribbon wall! Just as you can see from the photos above, these walls turn out absolutely gorgeous. They're easy to make, whimsical, and festive! You can allegorize them however you want or simply pose in front of your ribbons! Using a ribbon wall is a great way to stay consistent with your wedding's color scheme. Match the ribbons to your bridesmaids' dresses! It'll fit in perfectly and with everything color-coordinated, you're sure to get some great shots! If you want to go a cheaper route, try streamers or crepe paper! Either one works just fine and you can even twist two ribbons together to create more patterns and textures in your backdrop!


The Sheet

Photo by Blog Lovin

If you don't have the time or the resources to create a super elaborate backdrop, all you really need is a sheet! You can tie dye your sheet or create a unique ombre effect or if you or someone you know is artistic, you can put something cute like you and your hubby's names, plus your wedding date on the sheet in black paint. Just get creative with it! Elaborate accessories are welcome, but not needed so do not fret if you don't have much to add to your sheet backdrop! A simple arrangement of elegant flowers and delicate greenery will complete this look!


Photo by Daily Do It Yourself                                                    Photo by Party Packs

What else should you include with your backdrop? Props! These fun little additions make any photo booth loads of fun! It's a great way for guests to be silly and enjoy taking some pictures at your wedding! Having these photos as little keepsakes from your wedding will make these memories last a lifetime! Props will make your photo booth even more fun and the combinations of props you can use will keep guests occupied.

Use A Special Hashtag

Photo by The Wedding Wire

Pro Tip: Have guests use a special hashtag for your wedding to tag you in their photos on social media so that you can see all of the cute photos they took at your reception! 

There is so much that you can create with a little bit of hot glue and some creativity. I love DIY's because it's fun and less expensive, so if that's you, you should definitely try out this trend. It looks great and it'll be fun for your guests too! By creating a photo backdrop, there's no need to haul in an actual photo booth and pay a vendor for it. Just hang up your backdrop, set out your Instamatic Polaroid camera and start snapping some cute photos of your guests! Need some more inspiration? Check out the inspiration board below!

Wedding Backdrops Inspo Board Graphic-2.jpg

We hope this inspires you to try out this fun addition to your wedding reception! Guests will love it and you will too! Get creative and crafty and create something beautiful! Those pictures will last a lifetime! Happy planning, brides!