Wedding Trend: Marble Cakes

By Sophie Fleetwood

This week is all about the cake! We’re continuing our topic on cakes with a new post about yet another hot trend in the wedding industry: marble wedding cakes! Weddings cakes are beginning to grow and evolve in style just as much as wedding dress styles are. The marbled cake is the absolute latest in modern wedding trends. Now, we don’t necessarily mean marbled cake batter, although you can do this. We’re talking about wedding cakes covered in marbled fondant, a new and modern trend that lots of brides are loving right now. These marble cakes are covered in a layer of smooth, thick, and marbled fondant. Marbled cakes are extremely appealing because they are all part of an aesthetic. With these cakes, it’s all about minimalism, style, and modern vibes. These gorgeous cakes can really be any color. Some brides even have their baker of choice create cerulean blue marbled cakes while some choose lavender shades or light pink. The most common color choice for this style is any shade of light gray or white for the marbled look.  This style of cake also looks great with metals whether they’re mixed or uniform.  

Photo by Brides                                                                             Photo by South Bound Bride

A lot of people like to accent their marbled cakes for some added flare. Some use strips of edible gold foil or even just flecks of gold foil to put a luxurious garnish on the top of the cake. It’s also very popular to garnish the cake with flowers and other greenery. Some brides use colors with their marbled cakes that match the rest of their wedding’s color scheme. No matter what your baker uses to decorate this sleek looking cake, the result is going to be gorgeous and sophisticated.

Photo by Hi Miss Puff                          Photo by Marry Me                          Photo by Mod Wedding

Check out how you can creatively dress up this modern and chic trend below!

Marble Cake + Gold Foil


Photo by Wedding Guides            Photo by Wedding Forward            Photo by Barefoot Brunettes


Marble Cake + Flowers

Photo by Sugar Lips Cakes                                                                     Photo by Pinterest


Marble Cake + Color

Photo by Ella's Celestial Cakes           Photo by Style Me Pretty            Photo by Ruffled Blog

More Marble Cakes


Happy planning, brides!