Wedding Planning 101: Making a Timeline


Brides, welcome to the newest blog post series on! This summer we will be taking you on a step by step journey to planning your wedding! Getting engaged is such an exciting and hopeful time, filled with excitement about the reality of your dream wedding finally coming true! But knowing where to start in this crazy, sometimes hectic planning process can be a little stressful and at times, daunting. Stay tuned for weekly posts on each step of the wedding planning process in which an easy, simple wedding planning guide will be unfolding on our blog!

To start things off, the first thing that needs to be done before getting into any details is creating a wedding planning timeline. Jumping into details before creating a timeline can make wedding planning seem even more overwhelming. The best thing you can do for yourself as you embark on this journey to plan your fairytale day is mapping out the process with a timeline. Decide on how long of an engagement you want. Will it be a year? 2 years? 6 months? This is an important decision that should be made between you and your husband to be as you pick a date for your wedding.

When making a timeline for your wedding, don’t have your heart set on one date alone. Have a few dates in mind but be willing to be flexible as the date you have in mind may not be available at your favorite venue once you start touring places to have your wedding. Pick a few dates but also consider what seasons or holidays you’d like to avoid or what you’d like to plan your wedding around. If you’re wanting a summer wedding maybe start with looking at dates for June! Then create a timeline according to how much time you have in between now and the month of when you would like to ideally tie the knot.

If you’re unsure on what to include in your wedding planning timeline, start thinking about main objectives, a venue for the reception and ceremony, a dress, food, invitations, an officiant, etc. Write all of these things down and then consider doing a quick search on pinterest for sample timelines that include all of your desired goals for your wedding planning journey. Below you’ll find some sample timelines that you can use for your big day!

Happy planning, brides! Stay tuned for the next post in the Wedding Planning 101 series where we’ll be talking about creating a vision for your dream day!

Sophie Fleetwood