Timeless Wedding Photography: What makes your images stand the test of time?

By: Marty Moran

For a while, the idea of timelessness was thought to have been captured by Hollywood’s old school glamour portraits. Then, photographers everywhere tried to create a timeless photograph by using what is professionally considered to be classic lighting (i.e. Rembrandt, butterfly, etc.). The truth is, timelessness in an image is made uniquely by the fleeting emotion of a relationship.


As your photographer, it’s our job to capture the romance in the way you hold each other, your unspoken words, and the touch of a hand. Your candor and humor, her soft gaze, and the breath between your kisses. The way you love each other is timeless, and the feeling of your relationship in an image is what will last through the ages.

In romantic timeless photography, it’s nebulous to say the least, how it is captured. Allow your photographer to look into your relationship with a lens, so that others may see your love for one another. They can call this a “style”, but it is simply about you and your fiancé. Express your relationship. Express your love. That’s how a timeless memory is made.


Your daughter will recognize her parents love when she comes across your wedding album 20 years later. She’ll describe to her children just how much you cared for one another, and how that’s how she knew her husband was the right one. Now that’s a timeless experience.

What is timelessness? Your love relationship. As the years pass by, babies will come, your hair will change color and a few more crow’s feet will age you. You will look different but your “once upon a time” will remain the same. Look forward to your new stories of love, and let the romance grow throughout your years together.


You will have ample opportunities to show your children and grandchildren what timelessness, romance, and true love truly is. It is the strength of your relationship that stands the test of time. It is never forgetting your intense love for one another. It’s the emotion that you create together.

Thus, your wedding photography should capture the timeless emotion and romance that is distinctive to your relationship. Your wedding images are about you and your start to a great future together – the best is yet to come.

Sophie FleetwoodComment