Beautiful Ways to Incorporate Fall Themes In Your Wedding

By Sophie Fleetwood

With Halloween over and Thanksgiving just around the corner, we're right in the thick of the beautiful season of fall! Crisp, red and yellow leaves that gently fall to the forest floor provide a perfect backdrop for beautiful engagement and wedding photos. Pumpkins, gourds, pies, and apples with warm caramel sauce are just a few fall elements that you can incorporate into your wedding. If you want a fall-themed wedding, choose an appropriate color scheme and keep reading for more inspiration that you can use to decorate your wedding with everything fall-related! 

One of our favorite ways that you can decorate with this theme in your wedding is by enhancing your dessert table with fall elements. Pies, caramel apples, and fall themed candy jars are perfect ways to use this theme during your wedding reception. Plus, having a unique dessert table that does more than just display a traditional white wedding cake will really wow your guests. 

A Dessert Table

Photo by B Lovely Events                                           Photo by Something Old Weddings

The pie dessert bar is a perfect tie in to fall foods, especially during the month of November. Is it really Thanksgiving if you don't eat pie? If that's the theme you're going for, a pie dessert bar would be perfect for you. And if pies aren't enough, there are lots more that you can put out on your dessert table. Caramel apples, cookies, pies, and pumpkin cupcakes are all welcome here! Everybody goes nuts for pumpkin flavored drinks or desserts, and if you do too, fall might be the perfect season for you to plan your wedding around! These dessert displays are as eye-catching as they are delicious!


Photo by Willow Dale Estate                                                         Photo by Deer Pearl Flowers

Try an adorable and sweet, fall-themed candy bar!


Decorating With Pumpkins

Photo by Belina Bridesmaid                                                  Photo by Wedding Chicks

Take a trip to the orchard and scower the patches with your future hubby to find some perfect pumpkins-- a staple item of anything fall-themed. You can use pumpkins as deocrations at your ceremony or even as an elebaorate centerpiece for your reception. There are so many ways to decorate with pumpkins. Use them to create big statement pieces or choose smaller pumpkins for accent decorations on your dessert table. You can keep your pumpkins looking rustic or glam it up by painting them white and even adding a coat of glitter. Whether you want to dress your pumpkins up or down, you can't go wrong!


The Guestbook 

Photo by Peachwik

Have each of your guests sign a leaf for your guestbook, it's quite appropriate for a wedding that takes place while the leaves are changing their colors!


Colorful Bouquets

Photo by Fab Mood

Use your bouquet to incorporate pops of fall colors, whether it be deep plum hues, accents of sunset orange, or hints of mauve, all kinds of gorgeous colors can be incorporated into your bouquet.


Rustic Cakes

Photo by Carats & Cake                                                                              Photo by One Fab Day

Naked cakes are the perfect rustic look for a fall themed wedding. You can never go wrong with a naked cake decorated with fresh flowers! It adds a very outdoorsy feel that pairs well with the autumn theme.

Using the seasons as inspiration for your wedding can create beautiful ceremonies to celebrate the joining together of a couple in love. With so many gorgeous color combinations to pick from, your fall-themed wedding can be unique and gorgeous. Decorating ideas are everywhere with this theme because there are so many options. The ones we've shown you just scratch the surface of what you can do with this theme. So break out the pumpkin spice lattes, get inspired by the leaves turning and take a hint from mother nature. There's just something exciting in the air during this season, and it might be more than just love! Stay inspired, brides!