Style Guide: The Anatomy of a Bohemian Bride

By Sophie Fleetwood

The bohemian bridal look is one of the biggest trends in the wedding industry. So many brides are opting for an elegant and lacey frock suited for an outdoor wedding rather than a ball gown embellished with flashy jewels. It all comes down to personality and style and any bridal look can make for a beautiful dream wedding. Brides everywhere are falling in love with the earthy look infused with elements of nature like fresh florals and foliage that they can incorporate into their wedding. The bohemian look is dreamy and unique. This style is very fun and free, so wedding dresses with this style are often flowy rather than form fitting.


Because the bohemian trend is such a popular look right now, IndyBride2B wants to show you the anatomy of a boho bride and all of the fixings you’ll need to complete the look. Keep reading to check out IndyBride2B’s first style guide!


The Flower Crown

Forget veils, this natural accessory is absolutely essential to any boho bridal look. It’s a prominent staple in bohemian fashion. Flower crowns are all uniquely beautiful. These crowns can range in size, shape, and color, all depending on what kinds of flowers you choose to use. Baby’s Breath flowers are popular for smaller, more dainty crowns. But, if you’re feeling daring and bold, bigger arrangements of flowers like peonies can be a beautiful adornment atop the head of any bride.


The Braids

Braids may not be pictured in our diagram but they are a common hairstyle for boho brides. There are so many different braids that can be crafted for your bridal hairstyle. Between fishtails, French braids, Dutch braids, milkmaids, four strands, and more, there are so many options to choose from to jazz up your hairstyle.


The Lace

Lace wedding dresses are a must for brides looking for a bohemian flair. Even the smallest lace detail can add elegance and just the right vintage touch to your wedding day look. Choose an ensemble completely decked out in lace or a dress with delicate and small touches of lace! Either style will get the job done.


The Bouquet

Wedding bouquets are a traditional staple in the wedding ensemble and they have been for years. There are several different arrangement styles that you can choose from. But, a lot of brides with some serious boho style choose the pageant arrangement with bright colors and leafy green foliage.


The Middle Part

The way a bride parts her hair is definitely a more minor detail, but it’s subtle things like this that truly complete the look. Middle parts are very popular for boho brides because they provide an edgier more unique appearance and they pair perfectly with a beautiful flower crown.


The Hair

Gone are the days of tight ringlets and picture perfect styles drenched in hairspray. One of the most popular hairstyles for bohemian brides and many brides, in general, is hair that has some natural looking texture and flow. Whether it's a beautiful braid or piecey waves, hair that looks a little undone is the coveted hairstyle that so many brides are aiming to achieve on their big day.

Take a look at these beautiful brides for some more inspiration!

Photo by TY French                   Photo featured on Hello May and Photography by Shane Shepherd


If you’re going for the boho look, stick to these key details and your style will be perfectly young, wild, and free on your wedding day. IndyBride2B hopes you learned a little something new about putting together this trend, and stay tuned for our next style guide which will be coming soon!