Getting Inspired To Plan Your Wedding: The Quick Fixes You'll Need

By Sophie Fleetwood

Newly engaged? We thought you might say yes! Congratulations on this new and exciting chapter of your life. There is so much in store for you and your fiancé on this planning journey and the adventure that awaits you both as you start your life together. We're sure you're already motivated to plan, but are you inspired? Maybe you're really excited but you just don't really know where to start. Allow us to help! We've got several quick and easy ideas that will help you to get inspired and get cracking on your wedding planning! Try out these tools and you're sure to have lots of great ideas spinning around your head by the time you're done! So, let's get to it!



Although most people spend their time online these days, don't under-estimate the power of a pretty magazine that's packed full of inspiring real weddings and pretty floral details. The nice thing about a magazine is that you can tear out or bookmark any of your favorite pages and as long as you don't misplace the magazine, you'll always have it to refer back to. Looking at wedding mags can really get you excited about a certain trend or wedding look, so pick up your own issue of Brides magazine at your local grocery store soon!



For most millennials, their go to for any information they need is the Internet. Don't get us wrong magazines are great, but the Internet has a whole host of access to successful and quality wedding blogs. Check out ours! We post weekly and we're also in the middle of a bridal spotlight series with real bride-to-be Abby Saylor. Don't forget to check out her website too! Her aesthetic is beautiful and her blogs are clean and put together, with lots of great content! Other popular websites include Green Wedding Shoes, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, and more. 




Okay, so we hate to break it to you, but if you think you're going to get through wedding planning without clogging up your Pinterest page with wedding-related boards, you're lying to yourself. Before you know it you'll have three different boards that you're pinning ideas too! But, honestly, pinning isn't such a bad way to spend your time while planning for a wedding. I always feel inspired when I see visually appealing photos on Pinterest. Pinterest has so many nice features that allow you to stay organized with your pinning and in addition to that, they keep showing you what you want on your feed. Some of the prettiest wedding photos I have seen have come from Pinterest, not Google. Pinterest is becoming the newest search engine, so take advantage of it!


Vision Board


Vision boards are perfect collages of what goals, ideas, and photos your topic focuses on. A lot of companies make vision boards for ad campaigns, and there's no reason why you can't make one for your wedding! Use clippings and torn out pages from your fave wedding magazines, and print off anything offline that you see that inspires you. Get it all on that board and refer back to it as you continue to plan. If you want a vision board that you can take with you everywhere, try an online vision board! You can use apps like Canva or even just pages to cut and paste photos, create grids for organizing, and more. Even Pages has a lot of options for special effects with photos if you like to get creative. Having an online copy could be a great idea for you because when you talk to your potential vendors/chosen vendors, you can show them your whole vision in one photo. In some cases, it might be helpful for you to send your vision board to a wedding coordinator or florist, etc. That way, the people that are going to make your big day happen will know exactly what you're looking for. 


Real Weddings      

Photography by Vienna Glenn Photography

What better way to get inspired with ideas than to read up on how other brides created their dream day! Lots of wedding blogs have a section for real weddings. Green Wedding Shoes has a beautiful section devoted to real weddings and so does IndyBride2B! By seeing what other people have done, you can begin exploring the possibilities of what is realistic for you. There's nothing wrong with copying some centerpieces from another couple's wedding. Remember imitatiom is the highest form of flattery! And if you have a photo of a centerpiece design that you love, you can show it to your florist who will most likely give you exactly that and more by putting their own artistic twist on it. Trust your vendors! They know what they're doing and if you give them a vision, they can give you the dream!


We hope these tips have helped you to find something that really gets you in the wedding planning mood! Congratulations from all of us at as well as our Indy Wedding Vendors! Best wishes to you and your fiancé! Don't forget to check out more of our blogs to help you along your wedding planning journey!


Happy Planning!