Wedding Trend: Bohemian Bride

By Sophie Fleetwood

Hello, Bride2B's! Today we're exploring another popular trend in weddings! Bohemian flower crowns are all the rage in the bridal industry right now. Whether you're buying one on Etsy or you're taking the initiative to DIY and create your flower crown, tons of brides are trying to get their hands on these delicate decorations. Veils are no longer a necessity, and some would say that those coveted crowns have replaced veils. This look is all a part of the bohemian bridal trend. Even the celebrities are using this look for their weddings! There are so many different features that must come together to create this boho style, flower crowns are just a small detail! This trend is growing in popularity. It appeals to so many because it is an easy going and natural look that is much different from a formal and traditional wedding. Incorporating bohemian decorations are the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to your big day. This free-spirited trend is inspiring brides all across the nation. Maybe you're one of those brides? Maybe you're not sure yet. But allow IndyBride2B to introduce you to the Boho Wedding Trend. We'll explore all the touches that make a wedding truly bohemian. From dresses covered in lace to flowers in your hair, dream catcher decorations, floral decor, and everything in between, we'll show you how to make your bohemian dreams a reality!



When selecting invitations, you'll want to make sure that they convey the bohemian theme to your guests. This will give them a taste of what's to come at your wedding. After all, the invitation is what gives your guests the first impression of your wedding.

Photo by Etsy                                                                Photo by Snippet and Ink


The Altar

There are a few key themes in a bohemian ceremony, the most important being nature. Flowers are a must, and a great way to take this nature theme to the next level is by incorporating it into your altar. Create a beautiful wedding arch using flowers and the wood from a birch tree. Birch trees are perfect for this look, and their long and skinny limbs are excellent for creating a dazzling altar. Throw on a white drape over the arch, add some flowers, and you've got a beautiful, yet simple altar that is a beautiful sight to see! Check out these beautiful arches and get inspired to decorate your own!

Photo by Favor Ideas                                                        Photo by Green Wedding Shoes


Flower Crowns

Another way to accentuate the nature theme in your boho wedding is by incorporating a classic flower crown. Check out our blog about the best ways to wear flowers in your hair by clicking here. Flower crowns will have you looking like a mother nature goddess in no time. Classic waves and relaxed curls perfectly accent any flower crown. These cute crowns can be as simple or as colorful as you want them to be. There are no rules! Add in some berries for a sweet pop of color!

Photo by Wedding Chicks                                                  Photo by Style Me Pretty



Now that we've established key ways to incorporate nature into your big day, now its time to move onto another prominent component of boho weddings: lace. Lace is a timeless fabric. What's one of the most popular ways to use it? Incorporate it in the gown. Most boho brides wear a dress that uses at least a little bit of lace somewhere. It doesn't have to be a lot of detail, but even just a touch of it can add something special to the bohemian look you're wanting. Love lace? Find a gown that is covered in this material! A boho queen can never have too much lace! 

Photo by Essense Designs


You're not the only one that can be wearing lace! Let your bridesmaids take on the boho trend and pick out some light and airy lace frocks for them to wear as they glide down the aisle. Lace can be flattering on all shapes and sizes, and it's such a delicate and feminine touch.

Photo by 100 Layer Cake                                                   Photo by Green Wedding Shoes



Now, let's talk decorations. There are a lot of options for boho decor. This theme works best with outdoor ceremonies. If you're planning on doing this, sometimes the greenery from a forest or rose bushes can be sufficient decoration. But if you're looking to add some extra decorations to your woodland wonderland, try out some dream catchers! They're totally boho and so colorful! You'll love the way they look as they gently sway in the breeze beneath the cool shade of a tree with fresh green foliage. 

Photo by Deer Pearl Flowers


And that's a wrap for this guide to the bohemian wedding trend. We hope these tips have shown you some of the most important elements to include in your boho themed wedding! If this isn't the look you're going for, take a look at our other wedding trend blogs like Rustic Romance. We hope that most importantly you enjoyed looking through this blog and that it inspired you! Have a trend in mind that you want us to explore? Contact IndyBride2B and let us know!


Happy Planning!