Maid of Honor Files: The Ultimate Bridal Shower Playlist


Whether it's a baby shower, a bachelorette party, a holiday get together, or in this case a bridal shower, every party needs a poppin' playlist! There's nothing worse than awkward silence with all of your guests and sometimes the perfect thing you need to break the ice is a little bit of music! Playlists for bridal showers are also a must because they make the gift opening part so much less uncomfortable. Just imagine this, the bride is opening her gifts, all eyes are on her, each person is as anxiously waiting for her to open their gift, and it's so quiet, you can hear the sound of a pin dropping. It's DEAD SILENT! Awkward! This makes the gift unwrapping at least 10X more uncomfy for the bride-to-be. Imagine, this same scenario, but this time with music! The bride is carefully unwrapping her gifts, reading heartfelt cards, while a smooth guitar quietly plays in the background. That's not awkward, that's relaxing! It gives this part of the shower a whole new vibe, relaxed, chill and comfortable. 

The only catch to having music at a bridal shower is playing music that is grandmother-approved. In other words, save the Drake or Nikki Minaj music for another time and instead opt for something appropriate for all listeners. This means paying careful attention to lyrics! But, going through the lyrics of every song is tiresome, tedious, and totally not fun. So, I've already done the work for you! I put together a poppin' bridal shower playlist, so that you don't have to make it yourself! 

Disclaimer: This entire playlist is made up of country music. If that isn't your speed then feel free to make your own playlist, but I HIGHLY suggest using a country music playlist at your shower. It's so easy to find songs that are appropriate for all of your guests. And another thing, some of the best love songs out there are recorded by country artists! So even if you aren't a country music fan, just give it a try! You won't regret it!

Here ya go, two hours worth of great music for your bridal shower!

bridal shower playlist pic.jpg