Staying Fit Before The Wedding: Why I Don't Sweat It!

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Staying Fit Before the Wedding: Why I Don’t Sweat It.

For those of you who have followed my journey on social media, you may know that fitness is a huge part of my life. I’ve jumped around as far as the consistency of what kind of content I post, but the fitness aspect has never gone away. Since I integrate my health into everything else, I thought I would start tangling it into how I am treating my health during the wedding planning process!

In even newer news: I have officially started started studying to become a certified personal trainer with a specialization in nutrition. I hope to use what I am learning to help you on your wedding journey and will be translating my education into blogging and vlogging. With that, here’s a few starter tips to keep up with your health during wedding season:


1. Conscious eating. Wedding planning is stressful and if you’re anything like me, chocolate seems to cure everything. Instead of giving into the mocha madness (or whatever your kryptonite), consider some complimentary alternatives. Sometimes all you need is a run, a few minutes to meditate, a weight-lifting sesh or maybe yoga. Or maybe you just need chocolate and that’s okay too… within reason. Instead of hacking into the nearest Hershey bar, opt for something healthier. My latest obsession is strawberries dipped in Boar’s Head Dark Chocolate Hummus. Sounds weird, but it’s delish and a very low-calorie healthy way to get your daily dose of chocolate!

2. “Wow, I wish I never went to the gym”- said no one EVER. Go to the gym. Stress is not an excuse. I work 55 hours/a week at my full-time job, study almost every night of the week, my wedding is only three months away and I still go to the gym five to six times per week. If anything, it’s the best stress reliever in the world. I’ve also realized this past year as I spend all of my off-time at the gym, that I am much less inclined to try to relax over a glass of wine which can become a horrible, unconscious habit. Challenge yourself to go to the gym lately. Yes, it’s uncomfortable at first and you may even feel like it’s a waste of time for a little while. But I promise you girl, it will all be worth it when your rockin’ that wedding dress with that lean bod and your mental health is on point because you chose to take care of yourself during the wedding planning process.


3. At home workouts. Hello HITT! Need I say more? Sometimes it really is impossible to get to the gym when you’re juggling a millions things and need to actually sleep and eat. Trust me, I get it. If you really just can’t make it to the gym for a full hour or so, make some time at home to pump out a fast-paced, cardio-focused workout. You really only need twenty minutes to fit something in. Not sure what to do? I frequently use YouTube for inspiration and will search something along the lines of “quick HITT workout”. Genius, I know. (P.S. Don’t be shocked if I start throwing my own quick workouts on YouTube or IGTV, etc. in the next few months. I’ve got a few workouts of my own I want to share with the world!)

Hope this gives you a little inspiration. At the end of the day, keeping your mental health in check during this time is also so most important. Take a break, grab a glass of wine and take a bubble bath- you got this! Can’t wait to starting diving into more detail as I further my education this year!