Q&A with Local Indiana Videographer of Raina Jo Photo + Film

Calling all brides-to-be! Today we are SO excited to be sharing our recent Q&A with Indianapolis wedding photography and videography pro, Raina of Raina Jo Photo + Film! This bubbly and kind girl is full of passion for what she does and we are so thankful for the opportunity that we had to learn a little bit more about her and life behind the lens! Keep scrolling to learn more about this talented wedding pro and everything that she has to offer! This Q&A was so fun to work on with her and we’ve also got some sneak peeks of her photos and videography that we are so excited to show you! Without further ado, meet Raina!

Raina was born and raised in the town of Goshen, Indiana and still lives there to this day! As a college student, she attended Indiana Wesleyan to study Graphic Design. This girl has done A LOT! After earning her degree while playing volleyball for four years at IWU, Raina went into missions with YWAM and ended up living in India for a year! It was after this trip that she returned home and met her husband, Louie. These two love birds have been married for almost two years now and they live happily with their adorable sheepadoodle pup named Scout. This happy family has just bought and moved into a fixer upper home and they couldn’t be happier with the little life they have created together!

Here are some fun facts about Raina!

I have a twin sister, Riley, who sometimes second shoots for me & it is a BLAST. We couldn’t look or act any different though so people are always extremely thrown off when we tell them! haha

Favorite TV show? Without a doubt, Survivor! I’ve never missed an episode & am determined to get on one day. I’ve already even sent in an application video so wish me luck!!

Favorite food? Anything Mediterranean and anything bread! I just started making my own bread from scratch & it’s the yummiest & most rewarding thing in the world.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about this lovely gal, check out her work in the video below! We are swooning over this gorgeous wedding and the beautiful job that Raina did creating this work of art.

Next, we asked Raina some questions about her and her business, keep reading to learn more!

How did you get started in photography and videography? I started small! Just snapped photos & took videos of friends or couples here & there & then eventually started asking strangers to do sessions with me so word can spread! 

What came first, your passion for film or for photography? Photography was first. Looking back, I think I always had a vision for film also but I didn’t realize that was in me until experiencing the ins & outs of photography!

How long have you been in business for? I officially shot my first wedding in 2015! After that it just took off & I haven’t looked back since!


What is your favorite part about videography? Honestly an ENDLESS amount of things. I love getting to tell a story through motion, being able to capture emotion, piecing together the day & picking out which music represents it best… basically all of the above!


What is something you know now that you wish you would have known when your first started? How important turn around time is. I think being a bride has given me a new perspective, now knowing how excited I was to see our photos + video after our day. I now have strict process I implement to make sure everything is delivered in less than a month!


Did you always envision this for your career or did it take you by surprise? Yep I really did! I always said I wanted to be a photographer. Never a videographer though, but I’m so glad that made it’s way in there too :)


How did you break into the wedding industry? I actually attended a wedding & took a photo of the groom spinning his bride on my iPhone & posted it on Instagram. A friend from high school reached out and said “This is great! Do my wedding!” & I was like let’s do it!! I got super lucky she trusted me with her day because that’s how it all started!

MISC (76 of 170).jpg


What has been one of your favorite projects or weddings to work on? I love weddings, they’re always SO much fun. I’ve really been enjoying capturing small businesses lately though! I recently filmed for a painter in Chicago - Hannah Ellen Art - & loved being able to lift up other creative’s passion & showcase their gifts in that way.   


Do you travel for your work? If so, where? I’m just starting to travel, yes! I have a wedding in Florida in 2 weeks (lucky me!) & hope to start traveling more after that!


Do you have any upcoming projects or weddings coming up that you’re excited about? I’m just excited to be in my first official season of wedding film! It has a totally different vibe than wedding photography & I’ve been loving the shift so far. I’ve had & have upcoming incredible couples that I get to work with & capture - I feel so so lucky!!


Thank you to Raina Jo Photo + Film for sitting down with us for this fun Q&A! Check out more of her work on Instagram at @rainajophotofilm and prepare to be WOWED by what this girl can do!