Cozy Winter Wedding Ideas

Brrrr! It is definitely chilly here in Indiana. The temperatures are dropping, November is almost through and winter is just around the corner! Looking for some winter wedding inspiration? Look no further. Turn your simple wedding into a winter wonderland with these simple ideas below!

The Greenery

What better way to capture the icy vibes of a winter wedding than by bringing the outdoors, in! When you think of a fresh snowfall, do you envision beautiful evergreens dusted with a layer of pure white snow with bright green bristles underneath? I grew up with beautiful evergreens in my backyard and I loved seeing the trees laced with fresh snowflakes. The first snow was always exciting and it turned my backyard into a winter wonderland. If you're looking to incorporate a little bit of that outdoors element in your wedding, consider using evergreen branches to really add that wintery feel to your ceremony or reception.

Photo by  MEGAN WYNN  , via  Snippet and Ink

Pine Cones

Don't forget the pine cones! These little guys can be store bought, or collect them from your own backyard if you're feeling a little bit crafty! You can do a lot with pine cones, spray paint them, dust them with glitter, or tie them with a ribbon. Pine cones will add that extra special something that you need to solidify you winter wonderland themed wedding.

Photo by Needle and Thread via  Mod Wedding

Photo by Needle and Thread via Mod Wedding

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Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are your chance to send your guests home with a special wintery keepsake to remind them of the great night they had celebrating you and your groom. Check out some of the ideas below!

Photo by Lotus Blossom Photography, via Brit + Co   Photo by Weddingomania

The Dress

Don't forget the dress! Winterize your gown with pops of red, comfy knit wraps, and lace, like these brides below!

Photo by Kati Mallory, via Blog Lovin

There are lots of ways to create your own dream winter wedding. Still want some more inspiration? Check out our winter wedding board on pinterest!

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