Favorite Wedding Bars

Serving alcohol at your wedding is a completely personal choice. It is perfectly acceptable for couples to have their weddings with or without it! If you do choose to have alcohol at your wedding, there are a lot of creative ways to dress up simple bars and make them something special and unique for your guests. Having your wedding outside? Bring the bar out with you! If you're looking for inspiration on how to set up and decorate the bar at your wedding, keep scrolling. If you're opting out of serving alcohol at your wedding, don't worry we have nonalcoholic bar options for you to explore as well!

Cocktail Bars

The style of your bar will definitely differ depending on whether or not your wedding is indoors or outdoors, and of course, the style of your wedding. Is your wedding rustic or is it luxiourious? Pick a vibe and stick to it, keep it consistent for a better setup. Check out some of these bars below.

Photo via  Huffington Post

Photo via Huffington Post

Photo via  Found Rental

Photo via Found Rental

Beer Bars

Some couples veer away from cocktail bars to avoid the costs of having to get an assortment of liquors and mixers. If you and your groom prefer beer, opt for a rustic beer garden! Have a look at how these couples set up their beer bars!

Photo via  The Knot

Photo via The Knot

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Bars

Opting out of serving alcohol at your wedding? No problem! Instead, offer your guests lemonde, tea, soda, sparkling juice, etc. There are lots of ways to dress up cute little lemonade bars that will make a lasting impression on your guests. Check out these alcohol-free beverage bars below!

Photo via Style Me Pretty

Photo via Style Me Pretty

Photo via  Sortra

Photo via Sortra

Not sure how to decorate your wedding bar? We have two suggestions for you. Chalkboards signs and greenery. Many couples are going for a garden bar look, adorning their bars with green garlands and other florals. Chalkboards are also the perfect way to list out drink menu items and direct your guests' attention to your bar.

Now check out these chalkboards! Looking for custom made chalkboard signs? Look for these on Etsy.

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Photo by Easton Events

Photo by Easton Events