5 Bachelorette Party Ideas That Don't Include A Hangover

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With my sister's wedding only three weeks away, it's time to come up with a bachelorette party plan. As I've been considering my options I've thought of quite a few ideas that I would love to share with you. Not everybody wants the typical night out at the bars for the bachelorette, and some people do, but if you're looking for something different, you're in the right place. These are my five favorite bachelorette parties!

A Bachelorette Brunch

Photo via  White Sand Swim

Photo via White Sand Swim

Break out the brunch club and head on over to your favorite breakfast joint because it's time for a Bachelorette Brunch! Who says bachelorette parties have to be a night on the town! Everybody knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not spend it at the cutest breakfast restaurant in town and cheers to love and marriage with your sweetest friends over a few mimosas! You can never go wrong with a table of dear friends, lots of laughs, a stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes and a plate of sizzlin' bacon. Don't forget to take a Boomerang of you and your bride tribe clinking all of your glasses together! Pass the syrup and hand us the butter because we're ready for a brunchin' time!

Party at the Pool

Photo via  My True Blu

Photo via My True Blu

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Buy it here

Take your party to the pool and sip on some bubbly while you dip your perfectly pedicured toes in the refreshing water of an infinity pool. Throw in some blow-up rafts and some music and your set for the perfect party. Not only does a pool party mean fun in the water, a good tanning day, and some good ole R&R, but this gives you the PERFECT opportunity to rock that new one piece you've been looking for an excuse to wear or get totally adorable Instagram-worthy snaps that you'll be posting throwbacks to for many Thursdays to come. Don't forget to have some sweet drinks on hand, a Taylor Swift Inspired swan blow-up (and did you know you can by pool rings in the shape of ENGAGEMENT RINGS?? This is a bachelorette pool party must-have) and order in some pizza for a delicious dinner to enjoy pigging out with your gal pals. 

Weekend Getaway

Photo via  Etsy

Photo via Etsy

Photo via Etsy

Photo via Etsy

On the road again! Pack your bags, ladies, because you're road tripping for the perfect bachelorette party weekend! Is it even a rule that the bachelorette party is only for a night? Nobody ever told us anything about that. Why not make it a weekend trip? If you and your ladies live for the lights, action, and exciting vibes of a bustling city, take your trip to Chicago and try out some of the Windy CIty's best deep dish pizza! While you're at it, buy tickets to a showing of Hamilton and see what everybody's been raving about for as long as you can remember. Finish off the evening with a nightcap and tired feet that can't wait to rise & shine the next day for more fun city exploring!

Lake Day

Photo via  Escape Rino

Photo via Escape Rino

Everybody knows that the best friend you can have is a friend with a boat! If you've got access to a boat and crystal clear body of water, take your bachelorette party out to the lake! Cruise around the water on a warm sunny day and take a dive into the lake to cool down after a full hour of sunbathing. Don't forget to flip! Must have an even tan ladies, we can't stress this enough. Especially with that wedding day coming up, be careful to not get any wonky tan lines!  Snap some pics of you and your gals having a blast on the pontoon and jam to some of your favorite tunes while you sip on your signature beverage. 

Sleepover Bash with Your Besties

Photo via  Style Me Pretty

Photo via Style Me Pretty

Photo via  Style Me Pretty

Photo via Style Me Pretty

If you and your bride tribe go way back, and I mean like waaaaay back, ( I'm talking since awkward middle school/high school days, as in the kind of friends that have seen you with braces, rubber bands, headgear and all but they still love you anyways, then kick it old school and relive the good ole' days with your gals and have yourselves a slumbie (the new hip term for slumber party). Put on your pj's, pick out your favorite chick flicks, and pop the popcorn! Get cozy on the couch and indulge in a night of swooning over how dreamy Matthew McConaughey was in How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days and enjoy an evening of pure fun with your babes. Wake up the next morning and treat your self to a fluffy stack of pancakes and a drizzle of maple syrup.


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